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RiskConsole is developed, hosted and delivered over Ventiv’s private cloud, RIScloud. A fully owned, staffed and managed end-to-end technology infrastructure, RIScloud is certified by third-party audit to be compliant in its entirety with the ISO 27001 standard and HIPAA Security and HITECH regulation. No other technology infrastructure serving the risk, insurance and safety industry matches RIScloud’s depth, breadth and scope of security and accountability.

The risks inherent in hosting and delivering applications and data on any cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution cannot be completely eliminated. In order to protect themselves, organizations are best served when they select cloud-based software solutions from providers with secure, fully accountable technology infrastructure—like Ventiv RIScloud.

How RIScloud mitigates risks from third-party software

The use of outsourced business software solutions is growing rapidly at businesses and organizations of all kinds. As CIOs, information technology teams, and information security professionals know, third-party software can be a major source of cyber liability. RIScloud mitigates those risks with a level of security and accountability that is simply unequalled in our industry. Ventiv is not only our industry's sole provider with HIPAA Security accreditation; we're also the only provider with a single ISO 27001 certification covering the solutions we host in their entirety. Here are some of the ways RIScloud does it:

Encryption capabilities
Ventiv protects data transmissions between services/infrastructure and client/third parties with SSL/TLS encryption for all web, e-mail, and file transfer transactions. In addition, Ventiv encrypts data at rest on its servers, unlike high-risk cloud providers that encrypt data only while in transit.

Infrastructure security/antivirus
Ventiv leverages a multi-tier approach when it comes to infrastructure security, including tiered application with firewalls between each tier, IPS/IPS, and anti-virus.

System and user authentication
A native-web-based system, RiskConsole delivered over RIScloud supports standard ID and strong password authentication as well as single sign-on using the SAML 2.0 protocol.

Security architecture from the application, database and server perspective
RIScloud uses a multi-faceted approach to Internet security. For our hosting environment infrastructure, Ventiv employs redundant defenses. Using firewalls and active intrusion-prevention systems, we protect our network from known types of attacks; we also use techniques to detect attacks that are as yet unknown. We support advanced encryption for email, SSL encryption for application traffic and SFTP/PGP for file transfers.

System logging and audit capabilities
RiskConsole has an extensive and granular (system and user) application logging and audit capability. We track record-level access (save, search & view) as well as data access. Our incident and problem management processes are based on ITIL best practices.

Ventiv’s information security policy
Ventiv has a highly developed information security policy that includes physical security of the data, data quality and data encryption methodologies that comply with top industry standards. As a SaaS solution, our “host security” is integrated with our physical, network and web security methodologies.

The industry’s only chief information security officer
Unlike any other technology provider serving the risk, insurance and safety industry, Ventiv employs a full-time chief information security officer to ensure that our employees, procedures, infrastructure and protection of our customers’ data are held to the highest standards of security.


Why the University of Colorado moved to Ventiv RIScloud to host claims administration

For the University of Colorado Risk Management department, data security is very important for all of the applications the team uses. The claims administration team did its due diligence in reviewing Ventiv hosting and determined that RIScloud would secure the University’s data better than they themselves could do it.

Ventiv maintains the integrity of data for a large client base. Read the whole case study to find out the business challenges Ventiv hosting met and the value it has delivered.