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Exposure & Asset Management

Automated management and tracking

Manage your exposures

Consolidate details on your global exposures and assets to understand your company's risk landscape.

Target Expenditures

With better insights into your risk profile, your loss control budget can be focused where it will deliver the most value.

Optimal Cover Levels 

Ensure appropriate coverage to avoid under or over insurance and get the best premiums.

Reduce costs

 Push data collection to field users who can make updates throughout the year.

Understanding an organization’s risk profile is a challenging task across all your operations and in the era of the global economy.

Laboriously collecting detailed asset and exposure information via spreadsheets with countless hours requesting and consolidating information into useful insights for decision making.

Ventiv helps risk managers to be in charge and understand their risk profile:

  • Automated processes/tracking/alerts
  • Interfaces with internal systems
  • Powerful analytics

Rolled out across the enterprise and linking to our renewal and risk engineering/property loss control capabilities to give the total solution.

Global Profile

Understand the global profile of your risks

With exposures and assets stretched across nations, identifying all the detailed exposures and assets, with their relative exposure to hazards and perils, allows the risk manager to make informed decisions about managing their risks.

Ventiv helps you to understand the summary and detailed data of both your and your suppliers' exposures and assets.

Maximize the value of your risk improvement program

With a fully transparent risk profile, you can:

  • Understand where your exposures are located,
  • Recognize any geographic aggregation risks,
  • See the values in relation to the hazard and peril exposure.

This allows you to get better insights on where to invest your loss control budget to get the most value.

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Optimize Coverage

Get the optimal coverage limits and terms

With a comprehensive and timely landscape view of your exposure and asset portfolio, you can have the correct insights for discussions with your risk advisors to:

  • Understand the required limit levels to avoid under or over insurance
  • Optimize premiums via a combination of accurate risk data  and modelling the best retentions or risk financing approaches

Streamline your exposure-management processes

Ventiv helps risk managers administer, track and automate the exposure management process by driving data collection responsibility to field users who are most-knowledgeable of their exposures, supported by real-time tracking and reminders to ensure completion.


Ventiv provides full details on property and assets, covering address, full COPE (construction, occupancy, protection and exposure) details, valuation method and values, documentation like business continuity plans, plus linking to insurance and loan servicing. Giving a transparent view on your portfolio for managing pre-loss, post-loss activities, and major event impacts.


Track summarized exposures such as number of vehicles, number of employees, hours worked and payroll. Tie the information to location and time period to track year-over-year changes. Use values for weighting purposes when analyzing claims, running premium calculations or calculating  allocations.


Track the important details of contractual relationships and on-going projects, including value, type and duration. With linkage to insurance, incidents, claims and certificates, as needed, to manage all the associated risk management impacts. All the related documentation can be maintained on-line, with version control, as well. Approval processes can be setup for new contracts/projects with automatic alerts for expirations or other changes.


Analyze claim patterns, training levels and more for reduced claims volume. Consolidate employee information from your organization’s HR or ERP system. Use in conjunction with other modules to analyze details of repeat claims, incomplete training and other exposures.


Consolidate and manage all vehicle and operator details in a single system for fleet maintenance and claims management. Manage your entire fleet’s maintenance and repair schedules. Associate operators and their vehicles to specific claims.


Track and manage energy specific exposures, including well information, pipelines, and sub-sea assets. Covering key details, geographical  location, and values for use as part of your renewal process and integrating with your risk engineering program.



"Mosaic’s global exposure data management project, supported by Ventiv and the exposures module, has enabled us to sharpen our focus on the core of risk management: the timely identification of all risks and exposures; proper understanding and assessment of them; and the effective response to them by employees at all levels." Read More >


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