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Renewals Management

Improve efficiency and optimize program design

Improve your submission

Enhance data quality, gain visibility into risks and exposures. Give underwriters the data they need to accurately price your organization’s risk.

Save lots of time

Automate the renewal process. Transfer data collection responsibility to field users. Email-based workflows, online questionnaires, validation and status reporting.

Design the best programs

Get more time to negotiate the best cover, premiums and terms. Safeguard against under/over insurance, plus honor your duty of disclosure.

Better position for subsequent renewals

With improved data quality and repeatable processes you have the solid foundation for future submissions.

Ventiv streamlines the renewal of insurance policies by automating the collection, consolidation and analysis of your organization’s risk and exposure data.

Managing the renewals process using spreadsheets is a lengthy and inefficient process. Ventiv makes renewals faster (typically cutting the time needed by 75%) and more efficient. With the time and energy you save, you can focus on getting the best renewal deal for your organization.


Optimize your organization’s insurance renewal

The volume of data required for a successful submission can add up very quickly. With Ventiv, no longer will you find yourself trawling spreadsheet after spreadsheet, checking and consolidating data.

Ventiv improves the accuracy and quality of the data in your submission. Get the full picture of your organization’s exposures. Easily compare present-year values to last year’s. Identify and fill in gaps in the data you provide your broker. Be sure you’re giving underwriters all the data they need to price your organization’s risks and exposures accurately.

Get back to being a risk manager

Ventiv takes the pain out of administering the renewal data collection process so you can focus on managing risk. With email workflows and easy-to-use online questionnaires for your field users, you can expect to save 75% of the time you’ve been spending chasing down responses, combining spreadsheets and checking for accuracy. With Ventiv you can:

  • Distribute the questionnaires
  • Have business rules that identify variances and get commentary for large changes
  • Ensure consistent entry of all values entered
  • See dashboards that track questionnaire progress


Renewal Process
Renewal Progress Report

Insurance programs that give the right coverage at the right price

Beyond having quality renewal data for your submission, Ventiv gives you the time to make the most of an assured understanding of your risk profile. Working with the brokers and risk advisors, you can evaluate different risk-financing strategies and compare quotes from different markets.

The high-quality data also puts you in a strong position to meet duty of disclosure and conditions of policy commitments. After all, the impact of unexpected claim liabilities can have an unwelcome impact on an organization’s P&L.

Lay the ground work for your next renewal

Making an improvement to your renewal data collection process does not just benefit this year, but puts you in great shape for the following year renewal as well. With quality data and efficient, automated processes you can continue to see the benefits from your improved process.


Ventiv is unmatched in its support for multiple currencies. Users enter their values in their local currency. The Ventiv system consolidates the values and reports in the selected currency. You can provide the exchange rates, or Ventiv can use public daily exchange rates.


For field users, Ventiv questionnaires are easy to navigate and complete. You can easily tailor questionnaires so that users see only the fields they need to complete. In-form instructions and tooltips help users enter the correct information—there’s no need for a separate user manual or guide.


With Ventiv, data is validated as the user enters data (variances above predefined thresholds trigger requests for review) and then when the user submits the data. Automated validation and sense-checking eliminated up to 80% of the time needed to verify submissions.


Ventiv’s email workflows automate communications with field users, internal staff and even brokers. Emails remind field users about submission deadlines or when specific events happen. Overall progress including delinquent lists can all be monitored via dashboards and reports.


The Mosaic Company

"Mosaic’s global exposure data management project, supported by Ventiv and the exposures module, has enabled us to sharpen our focus on the core of risk management: the timely identification of all risks and exposures; proper understanding and assessment of them; and the effective response to them by employees at all levels." READ MORE >


Insurance Manager


Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide

"We can essentially ‘slice and dice’ data any way we need to and send summary reports to our senior management. With this sharing of information, our team is empowered to make faster, more accurate decisions to control losses and manage risks." READ MORE >


Director of Risk Management

Optimizing the Renewal Process with Technology


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