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County of Los Angeles

County of Los Angeles Risk Management is transforming its risk and claims technology systems and processes. By replacing nine systems and manual processes with a single-platform solution, the County will provide line-of-sight into all departments for greater visibility into cost reduction.

In partnership with Ventiv Technology, the County of Los Angeles is implementing a responsive, outcome-focused risk-assessment and risk-reduction solution. By replacing disparate software across County departments and centralizing services, the County will deliver greater accessibility and a more customer-focused approach. The County selected Ventiv Claims as its single-platform solution for risk management, claims administration, disability and leave management, corrective action plans, and legal case management. It’s one of the largest and most complex risk and claims technology deployments ever undertaken by a county government. By developing a single, integrated risk management system that combines administration and management of all risk and claims programs, the County is on track for an unprecedented achievement: the unification and streamlining of a complex interchange of departmental risk management.


Goals of the County’s Risk Management Information System Project

The County of Los Angeles has two primary purposes for Ventiv Claims: First, replacing numerous existing systems (including two claims administration systems and a risk management system) with a new, state-of-the-art technology solution. Second, deploying a comprehensive, robust risk management information system that will consolidate the County’s risk management processes, programs, and data architecture.

The County’s ambitions are nothing short of leading the nation in how risk management programs, including claims, are integrated, administered, managed, and monitored.

When fully implemented, the County will have more than 1,500 users on Ventiv Claims. The Ventiv implementation will enable the County of Los Angeles to automate numerous manual processes, thus improving the efficiency of its risk management program.

“Ventiv’s modular enterprise system delivers on a long-standing goal for the County of Los Angeles of combining multiple independent data streams into one comprehensive system which allows us to view and react to risks globally.”

Steven T. Robles
Assistant Chief Executive Officer
Overseeing Risk Management and Privacy

Focus on Systems the County is Integrating, and Why

The key systems that the County of Los Angeles is integrating with the Ventiv implementation include:

  • General liability claims, small claims, medical malpractice claims, and workers’ compensation claims
  • Return-to-work
  • Short-term disability and long-term disability
  • Survivor benefits
  • Loss control and prevention Inspector General’s corrective action plans
  • Enterprise legal matter management
  • Various self-insurance and commercial insurance programs (general liability, automobile liability, medical malpractice, professional liability, sexual misconduct, property damage, airport and aircraft liability, fire insurance, etc.)
  • Absence and leave management
  • Incident reporting

According to Steven T. Robles, the assistant chief executive officer overseeing Risk Management and Privacy, “Ventiv’s modular enterprise system delivers on a long-standing goal for the County of Los Angeles of combining multiple independent data streams into one comprehensive system which allows us to view and react to risks globally.”

Understanding and reacting to risks on a global basis is a key attribute of the Ventiv implementation for the County of Los Angeles. Let’s consider some noteworthy examples of how the County will achieve this goal:

Absence and Leave Management

The one-system approach for liability and workers’ compensation will also include absence and leave management. This will allow the County to have a holistic view of their employees.

County risk managers will be able to search for items associated with a County employee, including liability and workers’ compensation claims; involvement in a vehicular incident; eligibility for leave, such as FMLA; and if the employee is a witness in any claim(s). Currently, all that data resides in separate systems, which prevents County risk managers from getting a complete picture of an employee’s status as it relates to claims, incidents, leave eligibility, and the like.

Enterprise Matter Management

Many county governments and other public entities would like to improve the ability of claims teams and legal departments to share legal and claims data. The County chose Ventiv ELM to give County users visibility into claim-related aspects of a legal matter. For claim administrators, Ventiv ELM will link every legal matter to its corresponding claim. As a result, Ventiv ELM will empower County users and adjusters to collaborate to resolve litigation and the associated claims in the most appropriate, cost-effective manner.

Enhanced County Inter-Departmental Collaboration

The County needed a user-friendly method to manage data across departments. Data intake with Ventiv Digital is another area the County is upgrading with the Ventiv deployment. Ventiv Digital offers powerful tools to unite the departments with the central database, eliminating separate one-off data sets or Excel spreadsheets. The County will be making Digital available for incident reporting.

County-Wide Risk Management Analytics

The County’s vision is to consolidate all risk, claims, and employee data into a single repository—the Ventiv Claims analytics tool—for two-click analysis. Using the analytics tools within Ventiv Claims, County risk managers will be better able to identify risk patterns and trends. The County will also be better positioned to put in place best-practice rules for optimum claims handling as well as elevate their fraud prevention objectives.

Corrective-Action Plans

Corrective-action plans associated with high-cost claims ensure the County is putting loss-prevention measures in place to mitigate future risk. Ventiv Claims will facilitate a seamless process for County departments as well as provide visibility into the execution of these plans.

Paperless Environment

The County has approximately 30,000 open claims at any given time and a paper file inventory in excess of 400,000 files. Ventiv will be providing a digital solution to allow for a completely paperless environment to increase productivity and enhance the County’s robust data analytics programs.


Ventiv brings experience and commitment to new ideas to the implementation

According to Steve Robles, “Working with an experienced provider like Ventiv Technology is an important precondition of achieving our goals and furthering the mission of the County of Los Angeles.”

Along the same lines, Vice President of Client Delivery Ritza Vaughn also emphasizes the importance of expertise: “With more than 40 years in the claims and risk management industry and nearly 20 years of Ventiv Claims serving public entities across the United States, the people of Ventiv Technology have the domain experience necessary to successfully execute this momentous project—easily one of the largest and most complex in the history of public-sector risk and claims projects.”

Ventiv has deployed a sizable team, dedicated exclusively to the County of Los Angeles, to complete this historic project.

The Ventiv team has a consultative approach, examining every aspect of the County’s processes down to the smallest detail. Ventiv has built a team made up of veterans who fully understand both the software products and public-entity needs. Ventiv has also brought in talented newcomers who have challenged and improved the team’s thinking and are making major contributions to a successful implementation.

Risk and claim organizations consistently choose Ventiv for the biggest, most complex software deployments. As with the County of Los Angeles, Ventiv clients recognize the knowledge, experience, and caliber the company brings to its engagements. Ventiv’s commitment to successful risk and claims implementations is exemplified beautifully in the County of Los Angeles project.