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First, Cox Enterprises digitized exposure-data collection; now, it’s streamlining incident intake

The 2019 edition of Ventiv 3SIXTY° features the risk and insurance team at Cox Enterprises, a leading global communications, automotive services, and media company. We spoke with Courtenay Wallace, Senior Risk Manager, Insurance, about her team’s first use of Ventiv Digital: streamlining and improving the collection of exposure and incident data.

However, Wallace and her team are not ones to stand still, so they’re expanding digitization efforts across the company. One of Cox Enterprises’ biggest divisions—Cox Automotive, Inc.—is currently deploying Ventiv Digital.

Wholesale automobile auctions are a big part Cox Automotive’s business. Cox Automotive operates about 80 auctions across the United States, where dealers go to bid on vehicles and acquire inventory.

Automobile auctions can be noisy, busy affairs, with vehicles and people in constant movement. The risk of incidents and injury is ever present. In Ventiv Digital, Wallace and her team saw an ideal tool to improve the consistency of incident capture and the timeliness of incident reporting.

According to Wallace, “When Ventiv Digital is deployed, we expect to see major improvements to how incidents are captured and reported. When an incident happens, the manager of the auction lot will be able to use a phone or tablet to capture the information about the incident right at the scene of the event. It’s a mobile solution, so the manager won’t have to go back to their desk and complete a form after leaving the scene. The manager will be able to take photos, record statements, and even get signatures if necessary. We expect managers will be empowered to provide all the relevant details about incidents by completing easy-to-use forms that we’ve designed to ensure that all necessary questions are asked and answered.”

Once the incident details are captured on scene, the information will be available within a few hours or less for the Cox human resources team. Human resources will enter additional data and decide whether to send the incident on to Cox’s TPA for claims adjusting. Regional risk managers and safety managers will also be notified within hours of all incidents. And because Ventiv Digital is tied directly to Cox’s instance of Ventiv IRM Software, the risk management information system, incident data is available quickly for analysis and further action as needed.

The rollout of Ventiv Digital to Cox Automotive is well underway; we’ll report back on the results once it’s been in implementation long enough to have an impact on auction incidents. In the meantime, please read this case study featuring Cox Enterprises and their use of Ventiv Digital to date.

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May 13, 2019

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