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How Public Entities Can Improve Insurance Claims Management

The processes of managing insurance claims can be complex, with interdependent phases working together, each with its own intricate workflow. But with the right software solution, you can provide a streamlined, more enjoyable experience for insurance companies—and, in turn, customers.

This is what the Indiana Public Employers Plan (IPEP) experienced when they upgraded to Ventiv Claims and Ventiv Digital. Here’s what they did, and what you can do, to the improve insurance claims management process.

Enhance Efficiency with the Right Software Solution

When examining and filing insurance claims, it can be cumbersome to have to switch between different reporting tools, trying to make sure all the details have been entered. Even relatively “small” mistakes can invalidate a claim, resulting in a time-consuming process. On the other hand, if you have a software solution that streamlines the claims-filing process, you can gather the necessary information quicker—without sacrificing accuracy.

IPEP’s adjusters, for example, found that when they were able to keep their notepads, payments, approved bills, documents, and diaries, in a central location, they could save time. This made for a more efficient, easier-to-manage system—and customers who could get their unemployment benefits faster.

Provide a User-Friendly Interface

An interface needs to have certain features to support a successful claims or adjustment system.

Easy to Navigate

Because each claim has multiple components that all work together, being able to navigate from one section to another needs to be smooth and intuitive. This makes the process simpler for those in charge of working through the documents, resulting in more accurate, quicker payouts.

In IPEP’s case, Ventiv Claims made it easier to “navigate through the different components of the claim and put more focus on getting an optimum outcome for the injured worker,” according to Lisa Mohler, IPEP’s Vice President of Claims and Risk Management. Mohler also added that Ventiv’s solution has impressed adjusters who went to IPEP from other companies, particularly because of its user-friendly interface.

Customizable Views

Everyone’s workflow is unique, so the ability to customize your views during the claims management process can provide a crucial efficiency boost. Ventiv Claims enables users to customize their views while using the platform. In IPEP’s case, employees took advantage of the moveable column feature to see the data that was most important to them.

Use Software That Enables a Smoother Incident and Claims Management Process

Insurance company employees have a lot riding on the ability to produce accurate documents. Not only does it impact the success of the company, but it also has a tangible effect on its customers. The more time it takes for a client to get the funds the policy is supposed to provide, the longer it takes to help people get back to life as normal after an incident.

But with software features specifically designed to enhance the incident and claims management process, employees can deliver high-quality work with less effort and more accuracy. In the end, this more efficient process benefits everyone involved—employees, management staff, and customers. Here are some of the features that make this possible.

Easy-to-Use Notepad Functions

In the process of administering insurance policies, not everything fits neatly into a box. On the contrary, employees frequently have to input essential data using a notepad. This is significantly easier when you have the right kind of word processing functions in place.

Ventiv Claims provided just that to IPEP. Mohler noted, “I also love the new notepad capabilities, with formatting capabilities like those in Microsoft Word.” She also noted that IPEP employees appreciated the search functions that come with Ventiv’s notepad feature. This makes it possible for employees to instantly locate specific terms and notes using keywords, instead of manually scrolling through and scanning each document that may or may not have what they need.

The Ability to Download Helpful Documents

When insurance company employees can download the documents they need, it makes it easier for them to organize their files, and provide an accurate, reliable, digital or physical paper trail.

In Ventiv Claims, you can download anything you’d like to a spreadsheet, including search results. This simplified the process of keeping essential documents organized for IPEP’s staff.

Ensure Complete, Accurate Form Management

Insurance processes often depend on mandatory fields that need to be filled out for a claim to go through. Ventiv Digital was a big help for IPEP in terms of ensuring all of the necessary fields were populated.

They noted, that Ventiv Digital made it possible to automatically facilitate the entry of essential data that they didn’t have the staffing resources to track down manually. This included important info like the date an employee was hired, for example. As a result, they were able to ease staffing burdens while enjoying comprehensive form management.

Enjoy Smooth, Consistent Insurance Claims Administration with Ventiv

The benefits of Ventiv’s solution aren’t limited to IPEP; a wide range of companies can enjoy streamlined insurance claims management using both Ventiv Claims and Ventiv Digital. To learn more about how Ventiv’s platform took IPEP to the next level, check out their story.


Oct 4, 2022

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