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Improving Communication Creates a Superior Client Experience for TPAs

Both the TPA and their clients want the same thing — the ability to communicate thoroughly on demand.

When information is available online or via app 24/7/365, with just a click or swipe on a mobile device, every interaction between the TPA and the client becomes a positive one.

  • Improved access. Clients appreciate being able to access claim information themselves, from the convenience of their mobile devices. Improved digital access for customers means reduced daily demands on TPA staff. When there is an issue with a claim, communication between the TPA and the client is streamlined as they both have access to the same information dashboard.

  • Personalization is possible. Clients want access to dashboards and reports that are personalized to reflect the information pertinent to them. TPAs need claims administration software to differentiate themselves without excessive burden on their IT staff to cater to each client’s specific requirements.

  • “Push” capability options. Automation is key in providing information to clients when important events or changes occur on a claim file. Automating letters, emails and reports takes the work off your adjusters while providing the visibility your clients demand.

  • Enhanced data availability. When clients have access to their own data, they are provided with more opportunity to make thoughtful decisions. Most importantly, they are more likely to trust their TPA partners.

Next Steps

Strong, yet simple-to-use communication tools are critical in today’s market to attract and retain clients.


For more information on market-leading client communication capabilities that allow your team to focus on claims administration, contact Leslie Sargent, our TPA practice leader.



Apr 1, 2021

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