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New Guide: Preparing for the Insurance Act 2015- Make sure you're ready

Steve Cloutman

With the UK Insurance Act coming into force in August 2016, have you considered the full practical implications of complying with the new act?

Our new guide “Preparing for the Insurance Act 2015: Make sure you’re ready” looks to provide valuable insight and guidance into the changes outlined in the new insurance act and how you and your origination can prepare for them.

By downloading and reading this guide, you will receive:

  • A breakdown of the changes from the old Duty of Disclosure (DoD) to the new Duty of Fair Presentation (DoFP) and information on how you can comply with the requirements of the DoFP.
  • A clear definition of ‘reasonable search’ and details on how you can demonstrate a clear audit trail prior to market presentation
  • An understanding of how technology can help in categorising and assembling reliable data for presentation to the insurance market
  • A breakdown of the consequences of failure to comply with the Insurance Act
  • Information on the global impact, the act doesn’t only affect the UK
  • Details on how a Risk Management Information System can aid with complying with the Insurance Act 2015


Download Preparing for the Insurance Act 2015 Guide

May 11, 2016

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