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Streamlining Your Corporate Safety Process With RMIS


Business managers who demand easier risk management strategies should take the time to understand the value of a risk management information system (RMIS system).  Quality systems can help integrate safety all across an organization. This means every part of that organization can enjoy the benefits of improved safety and a streamlined risk management process. Companies save money and effort on both their safety management programs and the process of collecting and reporting on data.

How Does Risk Management Software Work?

RiskConsole gives our clients a single integrated platform that can be used to gather all information needed by risk managers and other stakeholders in an organization. This cloud-based system provides secure and reliable access to all functions from a variety of different devices at almost any location. Users can access the functions that they need from the corporate headquarters and out in the field in a secure and convenient way. Meanwhile, system administrators can customize levels of access for each individual or department.

The three main ways that this RMIS works to help streamline the process include:

  • One source of valid data: All relevant information gets constantly updated into an integrated data source. Data can get input through custom forms and surveys that can convert, format, and validate information at the time it gets entered.
  • Automated processes: Risk management departments are free to allocate more time to analyzing risks and improving process because a variety of tasks have been automated. These tasks include sending questionnaires, alerts, reports, and more.
  • Information sharing: Different users can get access to relevant reports or input forms that they can access from different devices and different locations. This RMIS makes it easy to work with corporate executives, field personnel, and external partners like insurance companies and brokers.

Besides improved safety and compliance, our clients enjoy a reduced data-collection workload. Instead of spending valuable time tracking down relevant information, correcting data errors, and converting input into a consistent format, risk managers are able to access a single source of high-quality data. Instead of wasting time tracking down information, risk managers can pull it out of an intuitive interface.

Expect to save time and get better results with these critical tasks of risk managers in most organizations:

  • Commercial insurance renewals
  • Compliance tracking and reporting
  • Analyzing incidents and insurance
  • Data gathering
  • More...

RiskConsole is customizable RMIS software that can conform to the way that your company does business. Because it can help save hundreds of hours, improve data quality, and increase communication, this tool helps companies reduce expenses and enjoy much better results out of their insurance policies and alternative risk management projects. Other benefits include improved data security and company-wide insights.

Let Us Help You Streamline Risk Management

At Ventiv Technology, we are proud of our reputation as a leader in risk management information system technology. By relying upon our solutions, hundreds of companies have saved money and made their employees safer. Visit our information page to to learn more about how our tool can streamline your company's safety processes.

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Jun 19, 2015

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