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The Right Safety Management Software For You


Are safety management systems really necessary?  As risks become more complex in today's business environment, the task of managing these risks has also become increasingly critical. Safety is important for a company's bottom line, brand reputation, and compliance with regulations. The entire philosophy behind good safety management systems is that most accidents are not actually "accidental." With risk management software systems, safety is not just left to chance!

Should I Buy a Safety Management System?

The point is that most accidents aren't caused by some whim of nature or simple human error but by flawed systems that might be vulnerable to different hazards and risks. The best safety management software helps implement and enforce a system-wide approach to safety within an organization.

There are lots of different types of safety management tools on the market. Many of it handles one aspect of safety. For example, the tools might report on employee training or provide incident reports for analysis. We offer a complete suite of safety technology that helps our clients integrate safety into every aspect of the way that they do business.

At Ventiv Technology, our suite of safety management software can improve your company in multiple ways: 

  • Data: Safety management software provides the data to help stakeholders spot, report on, and communicate trends that should make it easier to identify problems with the way a company is conducting business.
  • Compliance: The software helps enforce compliance with legal regulations and corporate rules, plus it provides assistance with reporting.
  • Evaluation: Safety management software software helps managers evaluate how well their safety measures have worked in the past by providing accurate and useful reporting to base decisions upon in the future.
  • Education: From time to time, employees may need training to help them do their jobs safely, and this system provides the platform to offer training classes online and monitor progress and completion.

The best accidents are the ones that never happen. By having a formal system to consolidate past incidents, you can validate and gather safety data all in one place. The system also provides tools to analyze, communicate, and report upon this information to spot problems before they happen and make sure this information gets clearly communicated to the people in your company who can do something about it. The software also helps keep all stakeholders accountable. Everything related to safety gets tracked and recorded.

In some cases, your reports need to go to the boardroom. In other cases, they might need to go to the shop floor. Either way, information that is easy to access from just about anywhere can be managed within the system. Plus, reports and input forms can get tailored for different departments and needs. The entire suite of tools is customizable for each company's needs.

We Are Leaders in Risk Management Software

At Ventiv Technology, we are proud of our record. We have helped hundreds of corporations improve safety for decades. Our risk management system is customizable. It provides the platform that you need for a systemic approach to safety. Accidents don't just happen. Safety doesn't just happen either. Learn more about how Ventiv Technology safety management software can empower you to integrate safety into the way that you do business!
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Jun 20, 2015

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