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Travelopia: A Case Study in Incident Reporting Solutions

Travelopia’s biggest mission isn’t insurance: it’s travel. With over 50 brands and offices around the globe, they provide everything from adventure travel to education travel. However, all of these different brands operate under a single umbrella for things like HR, finance, legal, and of course corporate risk management.

That’s because with all the various types of travel they offer around the world, from time to time incidents are bound to happen, and they needed a system to report those incidents and take the proper action no matter where it happened and who might be managing any claim or interaction with insurance professionals.

Many of the users of this system would be non-risk management professionals, and wouldn’t necessarily have the same knowledge as actual risk management personnel.

To make all of this work, they turned to Ventiv.


Simplifying the Complex

As you can imagine, travel is a complex business, especially in today’s world. And incident response can be complicated by international borders, country of origin, available care or assistance, and more.

Data collected need to be timely, accurate, and comprehensive no matter what. Whether it was gathered by a risk management professional or someone else closer to the incident, there needed to be a simple procedure and process for collecting this data.

They’ve been able to put a simple, global solution in place that takes potentially complex challenges and makes them simple. According to Janet Northey, Travelopia’s general counsel and company secretary, Travelopia has "quite a varied business, which can make it more challenging to manage incidents, claims, and risk overall, since no two trips are the same. What’s more, when we receive incident information from the field, it’s coming in from a lot of different sources and from a person who might report an event only once or twice a year.”


Making Corporate Risk Management Solutions Accessible

Across time zones and around the world, no matter where an incident might occur, reporting solutions needed to be accessible to anyone who might need them around the clock. Through the development of a software-based digital incident reporting system, Travelopia empowers its personnel with the tools they need to deal with any event.

Through their work with Ventiv, they were able to set up a system across seven continents and every one of their brands no matter where in the world they operate.

This also enables collaboration between stakeholders, making problem-solving and meeting challenges more efficient. The team uses the Ventiv Digital data intake solution to initiate claims and make the process a seamless and friction-free one.


Making Learning Simple

One of the challenges Travelopia faced was training its personnel. Not only are they scattered around the world, but they have a wide base of non-risk management end-users in addition to risk management professionals.

But with virtual learning and the Ventiv University program, they were able to simplify the learning and training process and implement it at their many locations worldwide. Learners can combine hands-on learning, virtual instruction, self-led courses, and frequent workshops to become experts at incident management, a vital part of overall corporate risk management.

But Ventiv offers much more, including custom training that is designed for exactly what a client needs. Travelopia can offer the kind of training each user needs to do their jobs and more advanced training for those who need it.

Once they have been through even a few learning courses, the incident management process is easy for users to follow and use as often as they need it. Practical application is at the center of the training process, making the transition from learner to doer a smooth one. Ventiv’s Alastair Lawson suggested that Travelopia should create its own video library to complement the general training program.

“The training videos we produced with Alastair and his team have been simply brilliant,” Ms. Northey said. “It’s been easy and efficient to create the videos under Alastair’s expert guidance. We’ve done English-language videos so far, but we’re strongly considering creating them in multiple languages to better accommodate [additional] end-users.”


Making the Move to Mobile

Ventiv Digital data collection also makes something else possible: the gathering of data through mobile devices and from essentially anywhere with an internet or cellular connection. This enables teams to make digital reports in real-time, while events are fresh. They also don’t have to rely on later accounts or written documentation than can get lost or damaged.

The simple integration with the Ventiv Risk Management system for incident reporting has shown the company that it makes sense to apply in other areas, like insurance renewals, and to assist with completing property and business insurance questionnaires as well.

In short, Ventiv Risk Management and Digital data collection have been a game-changer for corporate risk management and incident reporting.

“We look forward to many more years of a productive partnership,” Ms. Northey said. And there isn’t much higher praise a partnership can get than that.

Do you have questions about your own risk management program or incident reporting process? Contact Ventiv today. We’re here to answer your questions.


Jul 18, 2022

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