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Ventiv unlocks the value in your data with advanced analytics

Angus Rhodes


Insurers & corporations are constantly looking for innovative solutions to meet their goals such as to reduce such costs, reduce exposure, maximize profits, stay competitive, make work environments safer & improve customer satisfaction amongst others.

Approximately $170 billion is spent each year on occupational injuries.

Big Data & Analytics technologies enable such organizations to discover insights, patterns and trends that were previously not possible. These technologies have enabled a seamless assimilation of large amounts of structured & unstructured data-sets from both internal and external data sources to create a goldmine which when unlocked yield solutions to the goals mentioned above. Today, it is possible to mine through massive amounts of high velocity data historically & in real-time to pro-actively come up with solutions for various scenarios and analyze the potential impact of certain business decisions. This is very powerful as it guides organizations to make the best decisions, monitor progress and tweak actions all done pro-actively suing automated analytical models.

Approximately $60 billion is spent each year on WC Claims.

Ventiv Technology strives to be an innovator and leader in the insurance analytics & big data space. Ventiv has valuable customer data assets in its systems from its risk management software, claims management software and safety offerings and has domain and market expertise in these areas. We believe big data & analytics offering is a natural extension of our solution sets to our customers and we can lead the industry in innovative solutions to solve challenges such as reducing medical malpractice & fraud, reducing litigated claims, provide benchmarking, manage TCOR using a model driven approach with the click of a few buttons and so on. Look for our innovative risk analytics solutions from diagnostic analysis to advanced mining, machine learning, predictive & prescriptive analytics as we roll out our product starting in Q4 this year.

Approximately $30 billion is spent each year on fraudulent Claims.

CIO Review honors Ventiv Technology among 100 Most Promising Big Data Solution Providers in 2016

Aug 23, 2016

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