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What To Expect When Integrating A New RMIS In Your Business

Angus Rhodes

The day that your company decides to integrate a risk management information system, or RMIS system, into your business is a very good day. This is true for everybody in your company from the workers on the shop floor right up to the boardroom or owner's office. Numerous studies have demonstrated that safe workplaces enjoy productive and happy employees and better bottom lines. While the transition might take some extra effort, it should be relatively simple when compared to the traditional, time consuming, and error prone methods of having to gather and correct data from multiple sources and make decisions based off of faulty and incomplete information.

Why Implementing Risk Management Software is Easy

Software such as RiskConsole has been developed with end users in mind. One main goal of this type of system is to eliminate the mistakes and drudgery of the old way of cutting and pasting, correcting, and formatting data from various spreadsheets, emails, and other databases. Consider some of the features that will make it easy to get your entire company excited about the chance to improve their jobs with technology.

Incident Reporting Interface

Incident reporting gets done through an easy-to-use interface that can be designed with data validation, drop-down forms, and other methods of speeding up and enhancing data input. Better yet, these forms can be accessed from anywhere via a desktop, laptop, or mobile device. These forms can even be made somewhat intelligent with different fields that appear based upon previous answers. This makes data input easier, more accurate, and even fun.

Tiered Views

While a RMIS may contain dozens of different modules, most people only need access to a few. The view of the software that a shop manager sees will be different than the view that a risk manager or C-level executive sees. Even though the system integrates all of these parts together, each individual or department just needs ot master their own part of the RMIS.

Deploy Your RMIS Successfully With Our Help

At Ventiv Technology, we help hundreds of businesses integrate safety and risk management into their entire company's operations. You are welcome to browse our free Risk Management Software Deployment guide to learn more about how our company and our software can help you succeed. We work with each of our partners to deliver a customizable solution that can integrate seamlessly into their business.

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Jul 16, 2015

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