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What to look for in a RMIS software platform that delivers results

With a seemingly infinite amount of risk management areas to monitor, a comprehensive Risk Management Information System (RMIS) is an essential part of risk management planning. Whether it's successfully gathering and analyzing all the data involved in your risk management processes or adequately leveraging all your insights to make better decisions and automate your workload, RMIS software comes in all shapes and sizes. Picking the right RMIS software solution can involve a lot of consideration, but the professionals at Ventiv have tools that can be tailored to any organizational need. Below are the qualities in an RMIS software tech stack that you should ensure is part of your solution before signing on the dotted line. 


Because of the complexity involved in risk management, Ventiv software solutions incorporate innovative technology for next-level insights. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence have not missed the risk management space, so be sure to include a solution in your mix that can handle complex data crunching. Aim for a solution that incorporates AI to provide Advanced Analytics and insights, with the ability to create Predictive Risk Modeling.


Reliable, accurate data and outputs are a cornerstone of effective data management, so using products from companies that have a strong history of performance built on industry expertise is a must in your consideration of an RMIS software. At Ventiv, we offer a proven platform embedded with industry-specific knowledge. Reliable solutions from Venitv can be the difference between accurate, actionable insights and a hodgepodge of data that’s difficult to connect.


An RMIS software should be results-oriented, with a focus on minimizing expensive risk exposures for clients and end users. Deriving a plan forward should be a key output of your RMIS software tech stack because your data and technology should serve you. At Ventiv, we focus on the data to help your organization achieve the best outcomes.


Given its importance to your risk management, RMIS software should come with a full support solution and a road map. Pick a reliable partner like Ventiv. At Ventiv, our relationship with you and your organization has collaboration at its center, with a client-oriented team that makes your success a priority.


With the rapid speed at which technology is progressing, software you buy today should be able to serve your organization tomorrow. No one wants to be rebuying RMIS software because of short-sighted technical implications. Buy a RMIS that is developed by tenured leaders and subject matter experts. Ventiv understands the direction and potential of the operational risk management arena.


Interruptions to service can happen across any software. Having a plan in place to operate in the event of an RMIS outage is a critical part of your management strategy. When weighing which RMIS software to use, aim for a partner like Ventiv that has protocols for business disruptions. Look for a partner that can provide a clear path forward  to bring your company back online, while prioritizing and managing the high-stakes/high-cost claims.


Risk management is complex and better planning makes all the difference in preventing future issues. Ventiv is always looking to the future in its software offerings, and they provide solutions that are already built to handle complexity.  A sustainable RMIS software selection is designed to navigate a complex risk landscape and doesn’t wait for disaster to strike for inspiration.


Manual administration of claims and policy management chews into your bottom line and creates overhead bloat, but RMIS software technology has many avenues to automate your existing workload. The low-touch claims administration offered by Ventiv streamlines processes and lowers the administrative burden, so seek out RMIS software that can both automate your workload and integrate data sources to get the most out of your system.


Everyone’s risk management portfolio is a little different, with specific needs for each organization varying wildly. One size does not fit all. Finding an extensible solution created with client customization in mind can save your team time and energy when it comes to providing your leadership with the information they need. Whether it’s custom reporting and dashboard solutions or automation for your payroll, Ventiv RMIS software is working for you and not the other way around.


A risk management practice should have software partners that appreciate how risk management works. Choose a software provider that understands the intricacies of the risk management process, one that supports clients' ability to manage and anticipate risks before they happen.

With so many options to choose from when it comes to RMIS software, finding the right choice for your organization can be a complex process. But by keeping all of these qualities in mind, you can select viable solutions that will allow you to serve your organization’s needs while safeguarding for the future. To learn more about how Ventiv RMIS software options embody all of these qualities, request a demo today. 


May 15, 2023

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