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Calling all risk managers: Join Aon eSolutions’ Mark LeVeque and Esri for location analytics webinar on 10/30

intelligent_risk_mapping-resized-600I was asked recently by Esri, the world’s leading GIS (geographical information systems) software vendor and our software partner for the Intelligent Mapping application, to participate in a webinar offered by Risk & Insurance magazine that Esri is sponsoring. The webinar is entitled “Improving Business Performance with Location Analytics” and will take place on October 30, 2013, at 1:00 PM ET. If you’ve read even this far in this blog post, chances are that mapping and location analytics are of interest to you; if so, I encourage you to register for this webinar by clicking here and then attend it next Wednesday.

This webinar will focus on the benefits of incorporating location analytics into information systems used by risk managers, insurers, brokers and others in the field of risk and insurance. 

The insurance industry in some ways can be viewed as being all about location. For example: 

  1. Policies are written to cover assets located at specific geographic locations that incur certain perils due to their geographic location. 
  2. Insurance claims occur at specific locations, and understanding geographic trends and patterns in claim filings can assist in efforts to mitigate losses. 
  3. Key performance indicators that companies report on in relation to their risk, insurance, and safety data also are frequently expressed in geographic terms, with companies resulting results by regions, territories, or by individual operating units with a specific geographic location.

The power of mapping software to assist users in understanding the geographic nature of their data has increased by leaps and bounds in recent years, and at the same time many of these software tools have become democratized, so that they no longer require specialized training; rather, today’s mapping software can be easily utilized by any typical user of business productivity software. Furthermore, mapping software tools are increasingly becoming embedded within other business productivity applications, from business intelligence applications to CRMs to spreadsheet applications, so that they become an important component of common tools already in widespread use.

Within Aon eSolutions, Esri software tools have been incorporated within our business intelligence application and have been successful in allowing our customers to see trends and patterns that they would not have recognized as easily by using more traditional outputs of the business intelligence application, such as tables and charts. For example, our customers have seen benefits in: 

  1. Understanding the nature of their exposures, 
  2. Assessing appropriate insurance coverage levels for their assets, 
  3. Mitigating the impacts of catastrophic events, and 
  4. Better communicating their key performance indicators to their operating units.

This webinar will examine the increasing pervasiveness and usefulness of location analytics within the risk and insurance industry and demonstrate the power of location analytics to assist insurers, brokers, and risk managers in managing their business. 

Please join us next Wednesday, October 30, for what will be an informative look at location analytics. 

Mark LeVeque is a Product Consultant with Aon eSolutions, based in the Atlanta office. Contact Mark at mark.leveque@aon.com

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Oct 24, 2013

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