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Captive Insurers

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The Captive Insurance Company’s Guide

Overcoming Data Challenges in a Regulated Environment

Captives have never had a more acute need for accurate, comprehensive data. Today’s captive must be very flexible in its use of data not only to respond to reporting requests from its parent company, regulators and other stakeholders, but also to satisfy growing operational demands.

This eBook explores how captive managers can harness the power of data; even as the volume and types of data grow rapidly, processes and tools are available that deliver real value to captives.

Download now to learn about:

  • The challenges that may lead a captive manager to consider a risk management information system
  • What such a technology solution should be able to do   
  • The value a captive manager should expect from a system
  • What kinds of captives are good candidates for a technology system
  • Case studies illustrating how a technology helps real-world captives
  • Technology consideration and investment approach

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