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Public Entity Excellence in Risk and Claims Management

The County of Los Angeles works together with Ventiv to realize a world-class risk and claims management program.

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Ventiv is the best vendor we have ever worked with.

Brian Kimura
County CEO IT Manager

A Vision Beyond

In partnership with Ventiv, the County of Los Angeles has revolutionized their risk and claims technology and processes. By replacing multiple disparate software systems across departments and centralizing services, the County is uniquely positioned to view and respond to risk throughout the entire organization. With this unified approach, the County provides greater accessibility and more personalized customer service.

The County selected Ventiv Claims as its single platform for risk management, claims administration, disability and leave management, loss prevention, corrective action plans, and legal case management. To date, the engagement is one of the largest and most complex risk and claims technology deployments ever undertaken by a county government.

By using a fully integrated solution for all of their risk and claims programs, the County has set a new standard for public entities not only in California or the United States, but the entire world.

With Ventiv, the County has overcome these major challenges:

  • Reliance on many manual processes: Historically, manual processes were time consuming and prone to errors.
  • Divided workflows between departments: Departmental barriers and data silos impeded progress and collaboration.
  • Limited analytics: New outputs and changes often required custom programming.
  • Aged systems: Lack of scalability and innovation prompted a search for a vendor who would continue to develop and improve the solution.

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The Timeline Tells the Story

Such a complex implementation was initially scoped to be completed in 5 years. We were able to execute in 3 years by working hand in hand with the County. Click on the + to learn more

Executing the Implementation

For such a momentous effort, the County selected Ventiv not only for our technology but also our proven implementation methodology and support, specifically with multi-system data conversions and complex claims administration clients. Ventiv took a consultative approach with the engagement and assembled an expert team who adeptly understands the industry, the technology and the County’s unique business requirements.

The Ventiv team is highly skilled and creative, which led to a strong partnership with the County and their vendors. Our ability to work together so well has been the driving force in delivering the project two years ahead of schedule.

Slide the arrows to see BEFORE and AFTER.

Implementation-Before1 Implementation-After1

So how did Ventiv pull it off?

Ventiv aligned with the County’s philosophy of cooperation and collaboration anchored in its values of:

  • Teamwork: Ventiv put together a highly capable team and ensured there was a team behind the team.
  • Adaptability: Ventiv understands the unique demands of public entities and has helped the County navigate roadblocks to minimize project delays.
  • Experience: As the premier vendor with the most experience implementing large, complex claims administration clients in the public sector, Ventiv’s expertise has been critical to the project’s success.
  • Collaboration: Ventiv and the County cultivated trust and developed strong working relationships to deliver the solution ahead of schedule.
  • Determination: From the beginning, the Ventiv team has had a “Can Do” attitude that they continue to exude to this day.

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4 Legacy Systems Retired

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ClaimsVision (WC)

RTI (Liability)

AMS (Absence Management)

RMCS (Cognos Data Warehouse)

Ventiv Systems Implemented

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Absence & Leave Management

Liability Claims

Enterprise Legal Management

Workers’ Compensation

Risk Management

Loss Control

It is important to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of the Ventiv team. This includes the team that has been involved since day one and includes the newer team members who have been brought in during the last three years. I have routinely described to professional colleagues inside and outside the County that Ventiv has provided us with your “A team,” including long-time staff members. I appreciate the expertise and patience you all have brought to the table. The County is a very challenging environment, and you have stepped up to meet the challenge.


Watch our Recent Webinar with the County of Los Angeles

Hear firsthand from the County’s Steven Robles, Assistant CEO/County Risk Manager and Steven NyBlom, Manager, CEO and learn about the risk and claims management journey that LA County has taken to digitize their processes over the past three years, developing a line of sight by which all departments have a greater visibility into cost reduction.


Ventiv’s modular enterprise system delivers on a long-standing goal for the County of Los Angeles of combining multiple independent data streams into one comprehensive system which allows us to view and react to risks globally.


Tying It All Together with Technology

Now the County has a fully integrated Claims and Risk Solution that replaces several disparate systems and applications while streamlining many manual processes. Major elements of the new system include:

  • Liability Claims
  • Absence Management
  • Enterprise Legal Management
  • Risk Management Analytics
  • Claimant Access Portal
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Leave Management
  • Corrective Action Plans
  • Document Management
  • Incident Reporting

The single-platform solution provides major benefits, including greater accessibility and collaboration across many departments, significantly improved efficiency to handle ever-increasing claim volumes, and a unified perspective to identify and mitigate risk on a massive scale. Each of these benefits contributes to the County’s ability to improve claim outcomes and employee service.

Putting the Employee First

Today the County has a much more holistic perspective on all their employees, making it possible to provide more tailored and personalized services. For example, County department managers can now easily assess an employee’s situation to provide more options for benefits, return to work, and other needs.

County risk managers can spend less time on manual tasks and are now able to allocate that time savings to improving claim outcomes and services for employees. Finally, employees can easily view their claims, payments, and leaves, thus significantly reducing inquiries to already busy departments and vendors.

Seal-CoLARead how the County of Los Angeles implemented a leading risk and claims management digital solution that set a new standard for public entities.

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This case study details the success story of how LA County uses Ventiv Claims for risk management, claims administration, disability and leave management, corrective action plans, enterprise legal management, document management, advanced analytics, and much more.


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