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Ventiv VIP

What is the VIP program?

We are continually amazed by the remarkable innovations of our clients. We created the VIP—Ventiv Important Partner—advocate program specifically for our customers and partners. We want to reward you for personal achievements, company successes, and sharing the Ventiv love!

The VIP program amplifies, mobilizes, and celebrates our best customers for going above and beyond to share the good word about Ventiv with their peers.

VIP is our way of rewarding customers for being an advocate for Ventiv! Execute an advocacy activity and earn awesome swag or gift cards. It’s that simple. Whether being a reference, providing a quote or submitting a shiny new review of your experience with Ventiv on G2 or TrustRadius, we want to reward you for being involved.

We fully understand your time is limited, so our program is designed to be flexible to fit your schedule and ensure you are never over-taxed or over-contacted and most of all, its simple to understand. Activities include:

  • Share positive product feedback in a public forum like G2, TrustRadius, Capterra, etc.
  • Participate in our blog (can be a video), co-writing, be interviewee, etc.
  • Participate in a case study or provide a testimonial.
  • Be a webinar, conference, or event speaker with us.
  • Provide a referral or be a reference.

How do you benefit from being a VIP?

Elevate your brand (and yourself) and the work your team is doing in marketplace.

Earn quality SWAG and gift cards for the advocacy activities you complete.

Contribute to Ventiv’s success, which translates directly into better products and services for you (i.e., when Ventiv does well, you do well).


Popular Questions and Answers

Want to be a VIP?

Talk to your customer success manager (CSM) and get started being rewarded today!