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claims technology

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The Essential Guide to Claims Technology in a Changing Environment

What Claim Organizations Should Expect From Their Core Administration Systems


Technological innovation is dramatically improving how organizations like yours are managing claim administration. The right claims system, built on the latest technology, should be central to any claim organization's strategy to reduce costs and build an efficient and sustainable claim operation.

This guide will give you, the claim administrator or executive, a good general understanding of:

  • Exactly how claims technology should help your organization meet its toughest challenges;
  • How your organization's priorities (not the vendor's) should determine delivery and deployment options;
  • Why the latest in risk analytics software and risk reporting software is so important to adjuster efficiency and outcomes;
  • Why configurability of claims management systems is crucial to your organization's continuing viability; and
  • How to maximize the value in data interchange (which is how your system processes the growing volume of data from internal and external sources).

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