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Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund Switches to Ventiv Technology to provide its customers with market-leading software

Organization implements Ventiv Technology’s policy, billing & claims administration software


ATLANTA, GA (September 12, 2022) The Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund (THE FUND), an Alabama-based workers’ compensation provider focused solely on providing the best possible workers’ comp coverage in the state, has upgraded to Ventiv Technology’s software. The FUND completes the implementation of Ventiv’s administration suite of Ventiv Policy, Ventiv Billing, and Ventiv Claims this month.

“During a comprehensive review of the industry’s best RMIS providers, it was evident that Ventiv’s approach to managing risk, while allowing our adjusters to navigate the complex requirements of each claim, would ensure an improved process for our employees and members. We look forward to the streamlined workflow that Ventiv’s solutions will bring to THE FUND,” said Freda Bacon THE FUND’s administrator. “The time and cost savings will allow us to focus our efforts where it matters most, our customer services.”

In moving to Ventiv’s software solutions, The FUND will have access to increased functionality across its policy, billing and claims administration processes, resulting in improved efficiencies and cost savings. Ventiv clients realize an operational savings of up to 75 percent when producing insurance policies and certificates with Ventiv's insurance policy admin software, and increased staff efficiencies can save more than 20 percent in related overhead costs, including policy costs.

“We’re thrilled that THE FUND selected Ventiv to be its policy, claims and billing partner,” said Ventiv CEO Salil Donde. “Our extensive experience within the workers’ comp sector gives our team a specialized understanding of each of our customers’ unique needs and we look forward to supporting THE FUND through our long-term relationship.”

For more information about Ventiv’s policy, billing and claims administration software, visit www.ventivtech.com.



About Ventiv Technology

Ventiv Technology is a leading global provider of risk management information systems (RMIS), enterprise risk management (ERM), insurance claims, billing, policy, and administration technology integrated with its market-leading analytics and predictive models. Ventiv Technology’s SaaS and on- premise solutions are deployed by insurers, brokers, insured corporate entities, federal and regional governments, public entities, third party claims administrators (TPAs), and risk pools across a variety of industries, including transportation & logistics, retail, financial services, leisure & hospitality, energy, aviation and manufacturing among several others.


With over 45 years’ experience, Ventiv serves 450 customers and more than 450,000 users over 40 countries. Ventiv’s global footprint and experienced team of industry veterans deliver insights to organizations that allow our customers to predict, manage, and respond to risk.


For more information, please visit http://www.ventivtech.com.


About Alabama Self-Insured Worker’s Compensation Fund (THE FUND)

As THE FUND that Alabama employers have turned to for their workers’ compensation coverage for more than 40 years, it delivers commitment and consistency—without compromise. It is an Alabama- based company focused solely on workers’ compensation coverage needs. From Huntsville to Mobile, and everywhere in between, it knows its community and the employers and employees it serves. THE FUND is committed to promote and develop strategic workers’ compensation products and solutions that benefit member employers in Alabama, ultimately increasing safety outcomes and reinforcing its reputation as the provider of choice.