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Ventiv Exhibiting at Airmic 2021

Ventiv Technology is an Airmic Preferred Service partner and will be exhibiting at this year's upcoming Airmic Conference 2021, with a theme of “Driving Transformation & Shaping the future.” 

“Our world has changed and we have changed. New business models are everywhere, technology has swept away traditional work boundaries. Skills are in hyper-demand, and values such as purpose, equality, and inclusion have risen on the management agenda. In our digital world, we want fast, intuitive and streamlined digital experiences to enable us to live safer and healthier lives.”

The conference is taking place this October 5-6 at the Brighton centre in the United Kingdom. Ventiv will have a booth at the conference and demo station set up to engage interested participants to learn more about Ventiv and our risk management related offerings. For more information about the conference, please visit www.AirmicConference.com.


Airmic 2021