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Ventiv & Howden Submit Entry for 2021 European Risk Management Award

LONDON – July 2021 – We decided it was only right to defend our title for the European Risk Management Awards - Technology Innovation of the Year. You may remember Ventiv won along with client Takeda in 2020. This year we have joined up with our client Howden, a leading brokerage firm.

This award is open to all firms who provide a service to the risk management community. It is designed to highlight the most innovative use of technology in designing, developing, and executing industry-leading solutions that provide a significantly improved customer experience for risk managers.

The recent implementation of Ventiv’s broker portal will enable Howden to be a full risk and service partner to their clients by harnessing the power of digitalization. The self-service client portal gives brokers access to client’s risk information data on an easily navigable single platform. Creating an intuitive system that can evolve to meet the needs of clients with customization functionality, Ventiv has focused on improving the client experience and engagement, offering a real competitive advantage to leverage a portal that their clients will want to use.

Fingers crossed for another win this year!