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Ventiv Technology Announces Partnership with Franco Signor

Ventiv’s advanced CMS solution, powered by Franco Signor and fully integrated into Ventiv’s iVOS claims administration system, assures organizations of the best possible financial and compliance outcomes from MMSEA reporting.

Atlanta, GA – April 5, 2018 – Ventiv Technology is pleased to announce the addition of Franco Signor’s proprietary Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act (MMSEA) reporting module to their ever-growing suite of services. Ventiv’s advanced CMS (Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services) solution represents an expanded relationship between two of the claim industry’s most innovative companies. By offering a more seamless user interface for the traditionally complex MMSEA-reporting process, Ventiv believes this new system, powered by Franco Signor, is a tremendous advance in efficiency for its customers.    

This addition promises to deliver best-in-class service in several significant ways. Moving forward, Franco Signor’s proprietary MMSEA module will be completely integrated into Ventiv’s iVOS claims-administration system. The integration of Franco Signor’s industry-leading reporting solutions with Ventiv’s market-leading core system will offer Ventiv’s customer base the ability to improve the effectiveness of their extensive Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act compliance responsibilities.      

Bill Diaz, Ventiv Technology’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We’re excited to announce Ventiv’s advanced CMS solution, powered by Franco Signor. For many claim organizations, CMS Section 111 reporting is not only an administrative burden, but also the source of considerable financial and regulatory uncertainty. With our new solution, Ventiv clients can be assured their CMS reporting achieves the best possible financial and compliance outcomes. In terms of enhanced efficiency, our new CMS solution automates what for many claim organizations is a largely manual process. We’re absolutely thrilled to partner with Franco Signor, the longtime industry leader in comprehensive Medicare secondary provider compliance solutions. We’re confident that Ventiv’s advanced CMS solution, powered by Franco Signor, will deliver demonstrable value to our clients and be a very popular offering.” 

Stephen Thomas, Ventiv Technology Vice President, Product Management, said, “More and more, Ventiv’s iVOS claims-administration system clients want claims management solutions that empower their examiners to focus solely on claim settlement. With the new advanced CMS solution in iVOS, powered by Franco Signor, examiners are relieved of the responsibility of CMS reporting and empowered to focus on claim resolution. Franco Signor reviews claim files and files with CMS, reporting back to iVOS that reporting has been completed. The solution empowers claims examiners with industry expertise integrated right into the iVOS claims platform.” 

Franco Signor’s CEO, John Williams, added: “We’re proud to be selected by Ventiv Technology to power their advanced Medicare Reporting solution. Ventiv represents one of the most innovative companies in the industry. Their solutions reduce costs, streamline processes and improve overall performance. Ventiv’s advanced CMS solution, powered by Franco Signor, continues this tradition of success.”