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Ventiv Technology offers CATALYST, a no-cost, seamless migration for ClearSight customers

ATLANTA—Thursday, July 26, 2018—Ventiv Technology—the market’s fastest-growing provider of risk and insurance, safety, and claims administration software—today introduced Ventiv CATALYST, a rapid-migration toolkit for ClearSight customers to upgrade to Ventiv.

CATALYST data migration and configuration accelerators will be offered at no cost through the remainder of 2018.

CATALYST gives ClearSight clients an alternative: Join the market’s fastest-growing provider and experience the most modern, technologically up-to-date risk, claims, and safety software. We understand the uncertainty ClearSight customers may have about their product’s future, such as: 

  • Without Marsh brokerage influence, how will your service be impacted?
  • With ClearSight RMIS being discontinued, what’s the impact of to your organization?
  • How much will your costs increase?
  • How will your ClearSight team be impacted?

Among the compelling reasons to choose Ventiv:

  • Ventiv is the market’s fastest-growing provider. In 2017, new-sales growth was 58 percent. Through the first half of 2018, new-sales growth exceeds 53 percent.
  • Fueled by our growth, we’ve added 70 new colleagues during the last year.
  • Ventiv has made a $20 million investment to create the most modern and capable products in our industry.
  • Several key members of the Ventiv executive team worked at ClearSight and possess deep understanding of the those products and customer expectations. 

To learn more, please visit www.ventivtech.com/catalyst