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Ventiv’s people, software and technology solutions empower clarity and efficiency to drive optimal performance of risk, insurance and safety programs.


Automate manual processes, improve data quality, enhance reporting and analysis, and optimize total cost of risk.
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Deliver claims resolutions with reduced claims costs, improved efficiencies and optimized staff resources.
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Streamline safety & risk control processes, enhance compliance, improve training and reporting capabilities.
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Empower the managing and monitoring of risk across your enterprise with effectiveness, efficiency, and compliance.
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Improve performance by turning data into Insight. Putting predictive analytics to work for your risk management program.
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Conversions, reporting, interface development, quality assurance for applications & databases.
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A history of innovation

Our purpose-built solutions are built of integrated components designed by our own teams designed specifically for use in risk, safety, and claims management. They are designed to provide the functionality needed with a focus on system performance, stability and security.

Ventiv is focused on delivering continuous innovation that will have a significant impact on our clients. The efforts taken and improvements developed over previous years have resulted in innovation that will allow our clients to experience the next phase of technology advances.


A platform of capabilities to avoid those cul-de-sac moments in life

When you invest in a solution from Ventiv, you are not just investing in a specific solution. Underneath there is a full formed platform with all the capabilities you can expect from a technology solution provider and capabilities focused to deliver risk, claim and safety solutions. With standard and configurable capabilities, they underpin the different products, packages and solutions offered to clients and provide the focus areas for our continuous investment.

Standard capabilities

Data Model

This capability critically underpins the rest of the platform and how solutions are provided. It defines the ability to define what information will be in the database, how it can be used and how it relates to each other. The critical capability of Data Modeling underpins the entire functionality and delivery of the software solution.


The ability to group and order, by role, all the underlying platform content and capabilities together in a set of views for users across the enterprise. All with minimal training and incorporating user collaboration and communication features. A portal enables collaboration and communication across an organization.


The ability to access applications via multiple devices, interfaces and browsers. Access is the ability to use a software application across multiple devices, interfaces and browsers.

User Interface

Provides the ability by which the user and a computer system interact, in particular covering input devices and software. This significantly establishes the usability of the application plus the range of workflow possibilities. The user interface empowers users to intuitively interact with the software, enhancing usability and productivity.

Digital Assets

The organizing, searching, scanning, assigning and generating of digital documents for use throughout the organization.


International relates to the ability to localize applications via multi-currency and multi-language functionality along with local format.


The ability for the user to amend all elements of the application to match their individual user or role requirements covering portal pages, intake forms, business process and analytics. Thus allowing full personalization of the solution to a client's specific needs. Self-service empowers users to personalize all elements of the application to match their specific requirements.


The use of tools that increase your efficiency and effectiveness, for instance doing bulk re-assignment of action items. Productivity tools increase user efficiency and effectiveness; for instance, enabling bulk re-assignment of action items.


The comprehensive set of technology and human processes put in place to protect and secure access to your data, then from within the application provide appropriate access to data and capabilities based on the user's role.

Configurable capabilities

Easily gather needed information from individuals without requiring knowledge of the system or insurance/risk. With easy Q&A workflow, understandable terms, dynamic forms to just present the required questions and embedded help.

Risk Use Case Claims Use Case Safety Use Case
  • Incident reporting
  • Claims notification/FNOL
  • Renewal questionnaire
  • Risk assessments & audits
  • Policy audits
  • Certificate requests
  • Incident reporting
  • Claims notification/FNOL
  • Audits & assessments


Customize screen to screen workflows and apply needed business rules to match your business processes.

Risk Use Case Claims Use Case Safety Use Case
  • Renewal Data Collection
  • Claims Management
  • Certificate management
  • ERM risk assessments
  • Claims Administration
  • Safety Meeting Schedule
  • Audit schedule
  • Incident investigations


Customize screen to screen workflows and apply needed business rules to match your business processes. Initiate, validate and complete the processing of payment, expense and reserve transactions.

Risk Use Case Claims Use Case  
  • Approvals
  • Reserving worksheets
  • Approvals


Discover, detail and communicate meaningful patterns in data including geographical trends. From simple searches and queries, through operational reports to more advanced analytics to describe, predict and improve business performance.

Risk Use Case Claims Use Case Safety Use Case
  • Claim loss run
  • Loss triangles
  • Property digest
  • Policy loss ratios
  • Risk map
  • Natural hazard zones vs. property locations
  • Casualty metrics dashboard
  • Claim loss run
  • Lag time analysis
  • Top X freq & analysis
  • Reserve analysis
  • Loss triangles
  • Casualty metrics
  • Action items reporting
  • Root cause analysis
  • Georgraphical frequncy
  • Safety dashboards


Transform data from or interface real-time with separate, disparate systems and the host system. This is via an agreed format and can be in either or both directions.

Risk Use Case Claims Use Case  
  • TPA/Insurer interfaces
  • Accounting interfaces
  • Survey/rec interfaces
  • Client system interfaces
  • TPA/Insurer interfaces
  • Accounting interfaces
  • Bank interfaces
  • Fraud database interfaces


Ensure compliance with the applicable government, state, or regulatory body laws and regulations like ICD10, SOX, RIDDOR.

Risk Use Case Claims Use Case Safety Use Case
  • OSHA
  • IC10


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