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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Insurance Claims Management Software

Insurance claims are costly, complex transactions involving multiple parties, systems and regulatory concerns. Designed for configurability, processing ease, accessibility and automation, Ventiv Claims™ solutions combat inefficiency, waste and overpayment by empowering claims professionals to focus on costs, outcomes and service.

Proven claims solutions for claims organizations

Above all else, claim organizations need their claims administration software to drive optimal outcomes and enhance operational efficiency. With the acquisition of David Corporation and NAVRISK VISION Claims, Ventiv offers two proven, powerful products: Ventiv Claims Enterprise and Ventiv Claims Premier. Ventiv has the right claims processing software for your organization’s key priorities.

Ventiv Claims Enterprise
(formerly iVOS 5)

Flexible, fast and intuitive for examiners, Ventiv Claims Enterprise saves claims organizations money through enhanced productivity and consistency; improved process automation; and regulatory compliance. The most feature-rich, examiner-preferred claims administration system, Ventiv Claims Enterprise is built on the most current technology and continually delivers new, cutting-edge capabilities for claim organizations.

Ventiv Claims Premier
(formerly NAVRISK VISION Claims)

A comprehensive claims management and administration system, Ventiv Claims Premier covers all lines of insurance and has a complete suite of compliance programs for MMR, EDI, medical bill review and more. Allowing for extensive automation of routine tasks, Ventiv Claims Premier helps claim organizations realize a reduction in manual processing costs and an increase in operational efficiencies.
Core Claims Administration

Contain costs, improve efficiency, optimize staff resources

Ventiv Claims solutions deliver the most feature-rich insurance claims software in the industry. Save your adjusters time and promote a total focus on claim resolution. Ventiv Claims features toolsets that easily configure best practices; an integrated compliance solution; and a focus on productivity and automation.

Ventiv Claims delivers value and saves you time and money with:

  • An integrated business-rule engine with easy-to-administer tools that allow you to put your best practices into action.
  • User, role and group security on every field and every page, with every user, giving you full control of your Ventiv Claims solution.
  • Unlimited, no-cost access for read-only and report-only users.
  • Robotic process automation that streamlines a wide range of processes, from claim assignment and coding to integration of claim data from disparate systems.
  • Fully integrated compliance features allowing for real-time data feedback to resolve missing or wrong data BEFORE it is sent to the jurisdiction.
County of Los Angeles

A One-Platform Solution for the County of Los Angeles

How the County of Los Angeles uses Ventiv Claims for risk management, claims administration, disability and leave management, corrective action plans, legal case management, and more.

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Comprehensive, built-in compliance tools

Never worry about being out of date. As the only vendor of insurance claims management software with a dedicated compliance department, Ventiv will continue to support ongoing local, state and federal compliance changes. You’re assured of legal and appropriate interactions with claimants and governing entities

  • Integrated IAIABC reporting for mandatory jurisdictions.
  • Integrated compensation benefit rates for U.S. jurisdictions.
  • Jurisdictional forms for U.S. jurisdictions maintained by Ventiv.
  • CMS reporting integrated with MMSEA module.

Coverage Lines

Ventiv Claims solutions handle claims in five major lines. Coverage-specific capabilities include:

Ventiv Claims Content Mgmt

Content Management with Distribution

A typical claim generates a large volume of content: notes, correspondence received and sent (both email and physical), task assignments, scanned documents, images, and more. For claim adjusters, selecting claim-related content and distributing it to third parties is a frequent, time-consuming chore.

Today’s leading claim organizations want their adjusters to focus on claim settlement, not administrative tasks. Content Management with Distribution for Ventiv Claims dramatically streamlines the process of reviewing, selecting, compiling, and distributing claim-related content. Our claims management systems for the insurance sector will help you maintain a strategic competitive advantage in the market.

Advanced CMS Reporting

Advanced CMS Reporting, Powered by Franco Signor

For many claim organizations, MMSEA reporting is an administrative burden. It’s also the source of financial and regulatory uncertainty. Ventiv’s Advanced CMS Reporting solution, powered by Franco Signor, delivers the best possible financial and compliance outcomes from Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP Extension Act responsibilities.

Franco Signor is the longtime industry leader in comprehensive Medicare secondary provider compliance solutions. Franco Signor’s proprietary MMSEA module is fully integrated into the Ventiv Claims solution.

Ventiv’s Advanced CMS Reporting tool automates what for many claim organizations is a largely manual process. By bringing in the expertise of Franco Signor, Advanced CMS Reporting empowers claims examiners with industry expertise integrated right into the Ventiv Claims platform.

Improve Efficiency and Outcomes with the Adjuster's Preferred System

Enhanced user experience

The modernized user experience is designed for key roles such as adjuster, supervisor, risk manager and healthcare professional. Ventiv's claims solutions have long been renowned for their user-friendliness. The updated interface is even more intuitive and efficient.

Powerful self-service

Enhanced, powerful self-service tools allow your system and business administrators to securely configure Ventiv Claims and to ensure that it runs smoothly on a day-to day-basis.

1099 Processing

The Ventiv Claims integrated 1099 reporting solution allows for both paper and electronic reporting of payments to providers and claimants (where applicable) in multiple 1099 formats.

ISO Claims Search

Fully integrated interface with ISO Claims Search allows our clients to find vital data on property, casualty, and automobile claims, including physical damage, theft, and salvage information.

Check Printing

A secure, comprehensive module allows our clients to greatly reduce the costs of producing checks. EFT payments, voucher payments and manual payments easily work alongside printed-check payments. An AP Extract module works with third-party check printing solutions.

Incident/event management

Our end-to-end incident/event management uses a state-of-the-art dynamic, multifunctional intake tool. Integrated with features like investigation, root-cause analysis, and corrective actions and recommendations. Also featuring dashboards that track safety improvements.

Enhanced Document Management

Ventiv Claims features enhanced electronic claim file capabilities that give you more options to expand the scope of your paperless documentation. And, we've improved the electronic-file receiving options and permissions for viewing electronic files.

Business Rules

Business rule engine allows for automatic creation of diary records, emails, form letters, reserves, notes, and many other additional actions based on over 1,000 events or conditions.

Standard Data Exchanges

Our standard import library includes Insured, Policy, Coverage, Asset, Claim, Claimant, Reserve, Payment, Vehicle, Contacts, Notepads, Document Images, Employee, Organization and Bill Review Payments modules.

Enhanced Reporting

Create ad-hoc queries, reports, graphs, and a multitude of dashboards using flexible and easy to use toolset with drag and drop report development, advanced graphics and drill-down capability. Output types included PDF, Excel, Word, PowerPoint and CSV formats. Reports can be generated real-time, scheduled and distributed.


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