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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Claims Administration

Insurance Claims Administration Software

Combat inefficiency, waste, and overpayment and focus on costs, outcomes, and service


One of the key benefits we get from Ventiv is enhanced efficiency. It allows our adjusters to navigate easily through the different components of the claim and put more focus on getting an optimal outcome for the injured worker.

Lisa Mohler, Vice President of Claims and Risk Management, Indiana Public Employers' Plan

Advanced Risk Analytics Dashboard

Make better, faster decisions that minimize risk and maximize value with advanced analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of claims, predict outcomes, and take preventive action to optimize performance.

Handle claims with speed and precision

Save your adjusters time and promote a total focus on claim resolution.

Stay current with compliance changes

With our dedicated compliance department, never worry about being out of date.

Streamline management and distribution of content for claims

Focus on claim settlement, not administrative tasks.

Achieve clarity and efficiency in CMS reporting

Deliver the best possible financial and compliance outcomes.

Identify potentially high-cost claims early

Improve performance for return to work, medical management, reserving, and risk assessment.

Accelerate workflow and improve productivity

Insurance claims are costly, complex transactions involving multiple parties, systems, and regulatory concerns.

Efficiency is key to driving optimal outcomes. Enhance bottom-line performance by:

  • Accelerating workflow and improving productivity
  • Tightly integrating data, systems, and people
  • Addressing regulatory issues with compliance support
  • Reducing inefficiencies, waste, and overpayments
  • Using advanced analytics and reporting

Coverage-specific lines include:

Satisfy state and federal claims reporting requirements

Always be up to date with ongoing local, state, and federal compliance changes. Ensure appropriate interactions with claimants and governing entities at every stage. 

We maintain these for you, so you can focus on improving claim outcomes:

  • IAIABC reporting for mandatory jurisdictions
  • Compensation benefit rates for U.S. jurisdictions
  • Jurisdictional forms for U.S. jurisdictions
  • CMS reporting 
  • OSHA reporting
  • 1099 reporting, including TIN-matching feature
  • W-2 for disability

Transform your approach to content management and distribution

A typical claim generates a large volume of content: notes, correspondence received and sent (both email and physical), task assignments, document images, and more. For claim adjusters, selecting and distributing claim-related content is a frequent, time-consuming task.

Streamline the process of reviewing, selecting, compiling, and distributing claim-related content to authorized third parties with a central distribution printer, stuffer, and mailer for the physical mailing of content.

Content Management with Distribution


Automate a complex process and gain expertise from Franco Signor

For many claim organizations, MMSEA reporting is an administrative burden. It’s also the source of financial and regulatory uncertainty.

Now you can deliver the best financial and compliance outcomes from Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP Extension Act responsibilities with advanced CMS reporting powered by Franco Signor.

Automate a complex, manual process and gain expertise from a long-time industry leader in CMS compliance solutions. 

Integrate ODG's clinical guidelines and analytics into claims decisions

Reduce costs and improve efficiency by identifying potentially high-cost claims early. With evidence-based treatment, you can improve performance for return to work, medical management, reserving, and risk assessment. 

Integrate ODG's clinical guidelines and analytics into claims decisions to generate a risk assessment score. Account for claim intake information with an RTW comorbidity calculator, including all available diagnosis codes, demographics, and confounding factors.

Forecast projected disability duration using predictive analytics on the ODG claims database of about three million claims. Use output data to project target disability duration, benchmark lost time, and demonstrate savings. 


A Unified Solution for the County of Los Angeles

How the County of Los Angeles uses Ventiv Claims for risk management, claims administration, disability and leave management, corrective action plans, legal case management, and more.

Read their success story

Improve Efficiency and Outcomes with the Adjuster's Preferred System

Modern User Experience

The intuitive user experience is designed for key roles such as adjuster, supervisor, risk manager, and healthcare professional. 

Powerful Self-service

With self-service tools, you can easily configure the system to your needs without technical support.

1099 Processing

Provide both paper and electronic reporting of payments to providers and claimants in multiple 1099 formats.

ISO Claims Search

Find vital data on property, casualty, and automobile claims, including physical damage, theft, and salvage information.

Check Printing

Reduce the costs of producing checks. Print checks directly from the system or interface with a third-party printer.

Incident Management

Integrate investigation, root cause analysis, and corrective actions with incident intake to make safety improvements.

Document Management

Achieve a paperless environment with electronic filing. Control access to receive and view documentation. 

Business Rules

Automatically create diary records, emails, form letters, reserves, notes, and more based on over 1,000 events or conditions.

Standard Data Exchanges

Import data from external sources and other internal systems at your desired frequency. 

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