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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Claims Management Systems Software

Whether you self-administer claims or use a third-party administrator, Ventiv’s claims management software empowers you to master the critical claims priorities: incident intake, claims administration, claims consolidation and supervision, and legal risk and litigation management.

Claims Intake

Digital Intake Solutions

Take your incident reporting up a notch while reducing costs

Risk managers know that the longer it takes their organizations to respond to incidents, the more expensive those events can become. With our claims management systems, all insurance claims are recorded within a centralized system to effectively manage and evaluate them.

Ventiv Digital helps reduce claims costs by making incidents immediately available for administration, analytics, and reporting. Ventiv Digital is powerful, flexible, and easy to use, with capabilities unrivaled in the market for risk and insurance software, including full desktop and native iOS and Android app capabilities; offline data capture; dynamic question sets to ensure maximum accuracy of submissions; and support for multiple languages.

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Claims Management

Claims Management

Ventiv’s Systems Software for Claims Management: The key to being in control of your loss experience

Ventiv IRM gives you the freedom and flexibility to manage claims effectively and efficiently. Use Ventiv IRM to adjust customer claims, third-party liability losses, or any other coverage lines while supporting all associated documentation, diary actions, notes, contacts, and payment functionalities. Email-in capability forwards documentation to you.

Define your claim types as well as payment buckets, transactional values and claim payment detail. View, add, edit, and remove all claim records. In addition to commonly used claims management fields, client-specific custom data fields are available. Track all claim details, including description and causes of the loss, through to the financials.



Core Claims Administration

For workers’ comp and other lines, Ventiv Claims enhances efficiency and productivity

Ventiv Claims is a major refresh of Ventiv Technology’s claims administration system. Ventiv Claims features an improved user interface designed to improve examiner efficiency and productivity. It is faster, more flexible, more intuitive, and more configurable. Auto-adjudication and other automation tools (always a strength in Ventiv Claims) are even better. Simply put, Ventiv Claims solidifies Ventiv's reputation as the premier provider of feature-rich, examiner-preferred core administration system.


Claims Analytics

Advanced Claims Analytics

Understand claim trends with Ventiv Analytics

Understanding claim trends and anomalies is critical to driving optimal outcomes from current claims. Ventiv Analytics boasts the market’s most powerful, technologically advanced analytics, reporting, and data-discovery platform. Ventiv Analytics empowers risk managers to analyze and control claims spend more effectively than ever. With Ventiv Analytics, you can:

  • Establish the best split between retention and transfer of risk transfer,
  • Monitor claim trends and identify key loss drivers,
  • Establish optimal reserves and avoid under-reserving,
  • Provide accurate loss history and loss triangles to your actuary for optimal risk placement, and
  • Promote successful coverage outcomes, including prompt claim payments.

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Claims Litigation

Legal and Litigation Management

Optimize your legal risk and litigation management

With Ventiv IRM, litigation information can be linked with incident, claim, safety, policy, and exposure information to provide a single comprehensive environment for analysis and risk reporting. Gain an enterprise-wide view of critical legal data and improve high-level decision making. With all your legal and litigation data in one platform, you can segment and evaluate information from virtually every angle, enabling you to analyze data by business unit, product, exposure, law firm, or matter type.


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