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Data Transformation Outsourcing for Insurers

Unlock the value of your analytics and business intelligence initiatives

More accurate, complete and relevant data

Unlocks the value of your analytics and BI initiatives

Improve operational efficiencies

Save 10% - 20% of comparable IT costs

Ensure regulatory compliance

More accurate and timely reporting in an ever-increasing regulatory environment

Data analytics and business intelligence (BI) applications are growing more sophisticated and important for insurance companies. For most of these applications, the biggest challenges lie not in the analytical modeling, but in gathering and preparing the data for analysis. When the analytics seems to be underperforming, the problem almost invariably lies in the data. When the data challenges are met the enterprise unlocks multiple streams of value.

Our Data Transformation Outsourcing service manages the continuous process of consolidating data from disparate sources such as:

  • Multiple claims & policy systems
  • TPAs
  • Medical bill review providers
  • Other outside data sources.

We work with you to understand your data requirements, extract the required data, cleanse/reformat the data, and load the data into your analytics systems, BI systems, and downstream core systems.

Data Challenge


  • Obtaining accurate, consistent, relevant, complete and timely data from disparate sources
  • Lack of tools, methodologies and people to perform the function effectively and efficiently
  • Significant expense in terms of people and systems resources to perform this function
  • Important process but lack of priority since not strategic


  • Provides more accurate, relevant and timely information for decision making and financial/regulatory reporting
  • Unlocks multiple streams of value from analytics and BI initiatives
  • Free up valuable staff and IT resources to be re-deployed to strategic initiatives
  • Improve operational efficiencies (10%-20% cost reduction)



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