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Data Transformation Outsourcing for TPAs

Is managing the process of providing data to your customers a core competency?


Lower costs

Save 10%-20% of comparable IT costs

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Greater customer retention and increased growth


Re-deploy your IT resources to more strategic initiatives

Most TPAs struggle with managing the process of providing accurate, relevant, timely and complete data to their customers. Your customers have their own unique data requirements that are ever changing. Meeting your customer’s data requirements and creating customer satisfaction is expensive and challenging for most TPAs. Outsourcing this process to Ventiv can help you increase customer satisfaction, lower your costs and allow you to re-deploy your IT resources to more strategic initiatives.

Data Challenge


  • Providing accurate, consistent, relevant, complete and timely information to their insurance carrier and corporate customers
  • Lack of tools, methodologies and people to perform the function effectively and efficiently
  • Difficulty maintaining customers ever changing data requirements
  • Significant expense in terms of people and systems resources to perform this function


  • Free up valuable staff and IT resources to be re-deployed to strategic initiatives
  • Improve operational efficiencies (10%-20% cost reduction)
  • Increase customer satisfaction leading to higher customer retention and increased growth
  • More accurate and timely data provided to your customers eliminates delays in getting paid from your customers and improves overall cash flow
  • Faster implementation of new customers



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