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Incident Management

Reduce operational impacts from events and take action to prevent future incidents

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Right away, we liked what we heard about Ventiv's intake solution. We liked how it would make it simpler to record incidents, which is important because of Travelopia's structure of some 50 independently operating brands.

Lynn Barrett, Insurance Executive at Travelopia

Now that we’ve seen how effectively we can report incidents, we’re very encouraged. We’ve had really positive feedback from field users, and that, along with how well the solution can integrate with the Ventiv risk management system, has prompted us to start looking at the possibility of expanding our use to collect our renewal information and complete our business and property insurance questionnaires going forward.

Lynn Barrett, Insurance Executive at Travelopia

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Shorten response times and avoid hidden incident costs

Minimize the impact of events on business operations.

Gain visibility and foresight to prevent future incidents

Ensure your clients, external parties, and employees are best protected from incidents.

Provide a complete view of your incidents throughout the enterprise

Link incidents with audit and risk management.

Elevate risk and safety culture

Monitor progress and promote best practices.

Save time and reduce operational impacts from incidents

The longer it takes to respond to an incident, the more expensive it can become. With instant access to incidents as they occur, you can minimize the impact of events on normal business operations.

Now you can centrally manage all of your incidents and allow your managers to focus on the core business and drive client satisfaction. 

Make data-driven decisions to focus your investments on loss prevention

  • Analyze your incident information to highlight areas in need of attention
  • Immediately find patterns and intervene if necessary with loss prevention and loss control measures
  • Aggregate incident data to produce executive reports and monitor key performance indicators and alerts for potential hazards

Have a single source of truth across the enterprise

Provide a holistic view of your Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) initiatives: 

  • Gather information from local, regional, and global user perspectives
  • Link incidents with audit and risk management
  • Evaluate your responses and drive improvements 

Establish best practices for incident management throughout your organization

  • Report incidents directly from the field as they occur
  • Support regulatory reporting needs
  • Conduct full incident investigation including root cause analysis
  • Send automatic alerts to assign action items and follow up on outstanding tasks

Achieve 50% savings in incident reporting costs

Shorten your response times, avoid hidden costs, and reduce the operational impact of incidents.

Streamline data intake from the field on a desktop or mobile device

Ensure accuracy and consistency with mandatory fields and variance thresholds. Gather the right information every time with dynamic survey questions. 

Incident Notification

Claim Notification

Safety Inspections

Property Surveys

Exposure Value Collection

Audits & Assessments

Certificate Requests

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