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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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The Power of Predictive Analytics Risk Management

Data and analytics have always been the language of insurance. And, as data analytics fueled the growth and sophistication of the insurance and risk management industry, it also grew increasingly siloed to a subset of specialists. Ventiv Analytics™ changes the paradigm, making it more accessible for risk, insurance and claims managers to perform risk analysis and apply analytical findings to implement operational changes.


Get the answers you need. Ventiv Analytics reveals the patterns and meanings in your data

Data-driven organizations consistently outperform their peers. At the department level, high-performing risk and claims teams are harnessing the power of their organizations’ data as well as data from third-party sources. Now’s the time to join their ranks. Ventiv Analytics gives you the tools to work directly with your data, empowering you to find the answers you need to drive your organization forward.

Ventiv’s analytics, data discovery, and reporting tools are not only the market’s most powerful—they’re also the most user-friendly. With controlled data discovery, risk management analytics, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue, you can resolve ambiguity and interpret useful numeric data.

Make data analysis easier and more understandable

Spreadsheets are useful when the amount of data to be analyzed is small; however, when the volume of data increases, spreadsheets can't give a convenient way of viewing trends and obtaining a high-level overview of the data. What's more, data with a spatial dimension is, in most cases, best visualized with the use of maps.

Ventiv Analytics enables organizations to add the context of location and timing to traditional data, creating maps that highlight changes over time and the exact position of those changes. Maps make it easier to recognize trends and patterns previously hidden in spreadsheets such as proximity, distance, affiliation and contiguity.

Make analytics insights more engaging. When events and trends are seen within the context of recognizable maps, they’re easier to understand—and act upon.

COVID-19 Incident Integration


Achieve your optimal outcomes

Ventiv's advanced analytics, reporting, predictive risk analysis, and data-discovery tools empower users at all levels to make data-driven decisions that generate optimal outcomes like reducing claim frequency and severity.

Ventiv Analytics

Drive smarter and faster decisions throughout your organization

Understand what's happening with your business like never before with business intelligence and predictive analytics risk management that’s powered by augmented intelligence. With Ventiv Analytics, business users like you become data scientists in your own right.


Animated Storytelling

When you’ve completed your data discovery, it’s time to share your insights. With Ventiv Analytics, you can package your findings in an easily consumable video format that shows recipients how you arrived at your conclusions and then points the way to impactful next steps.

In this example, a risk manager would want to share their discoveries with a safety manager in a position to act on the information. The story is clearly that a location has a low frequency yet high severity of claims. A safety manager receiving this animated storyboard would know right away to focus their attention on this location and determine how to prevent high-dollar finger injuries caused by burns.


Claims OPT:

Improved claims management, in partnership with Oliver Wyman

In partnership with the Actuarial Practice of Oliver Wyman, Ventiv offers Claims OPT (Optimization and Predictive Triaging). Claims OPT is designed for any organization, regardless of size or industry, seeking to incorporate predictive data (in the form of aggregated industry-benchmark data) into its casualty, workers’ comp, and general liability claims-management decisions. Available to Ventiv clients using Ventiv IRM, Ventiv Claims, and/or Ventiv Policy, Claims OPT provides ready access to Oliver Wyman’s actuarial expertise, risk-management and claims analytics, and predictive modeling capabilities.

Reporting tools just as powerful as analytics

With Ventiv Analytics, you execute your reporting and analytics (including user-directed data discovery) on a single integrated, embedded platform. Reporting is just as powerful as our market-leading analytics and data-discovery capabilities. Other risk and insurance providers simply can’t offer the same reporting advantages that Ventiv does, including:

More efficient, less-costly data transformation

Because analytics and reporting are delivered on a single platform, data is transformed only once, not multiple times.

Recipient-friendly report distribution

Recipients get report files—not links that force them to sign in to a system in which they may not be a named user.

Robust report bursting

Reporting tools lets report authors create a single report and then easily designate which recipients receive which reports based on selected criteria.

Powerful multiple points in time / evaluations in the same report

Ventiv Analytics makes it easy to make true apples-to-apples comparisons when doing year-over-year reporting.


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