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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Reduce time & premium

The Ventiv renewal solution dramatically simplifies and streamlines the renewal-management process. Substantially reduce the time and effort your team devotes to gathering and managing renewal data. Improve data quality and your ability to process growing volumes of data. Eliminate spreadsheets once and for all and give field users an easy-to-use, survey-style tool that requires no user training.

Simplify and improve the renewal submission process

Clean, accurate and comprehensive data is the foundation of successful commercial insurance renewal submissions; Ventiv IRM and Ventiv Digital make it easier than ever to produce high-quality submissions.

Designed for self-administration by risk and insurance teams, Ventiv’s renewal solution is easy to learn and use. For field users, submitting information is as easy as using any consumer online survey tool. Using Ventiv Digital, field users receive an email asking for their submission and are then taken to their own, customized portal page that summarizes the submissions requested and the status of their responses.

Ventiv Digital saves time and improves the process for your team as well as field users. As a result, your organization can give brokers the information they need to price your organization’s risks and exposures accurately. Empower actuaries to make more accurate projections. Ensure compliance with acts of disclosure. Avoid protracted claims-settlement processes.


Flexible questionnaire design, plus support for complex question types and variance checks

Building a full renewal questionnaire in a spreadsheet can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Often running to hundreds of questions in multiple tabs, spreadsheets can also be challenging for field users to follow and update correctly.

Ventiv Digital eliminates spreadsheets from the renewal process. Instead, survey-style questionnaires are easy to design and distribute; they’re also easy for field users to complete—no user guides or training needed.

Ventiv Digital also supports complex question types, validity checks and variance checks.

  • Special-question types include value cross tab with dynamic rows and columns and prior values; add and update registry entries in an editable grid; and more.
  • Questions can be designed to ensure data is always collected in a valid and complete format. Using features such as mandatory fields, in-form validation and defined field types, all data will consistently be collected in the desired format.
  • Further, alerts can be set up to monitor unusual or above-tolerance variations from prior year values.

Here’s how Ventiv handles renewals

Powerful, simplified contact management

Managing field contacts is often a major challenge in the renewal-management process. The Ventiv renewal solution streamlines this critical function and provides valuable new capabilities, too.

Manage your contact list and user groups from within Ventiv IRM. Add, remove, or update contacts or lists only one time. Create user groups. No more manual management of email contact lists. You can also associate each contact with their language, currency, business unit, and other criteria.

Field users need not be licensed users to participate in the renewal process. Administrators can schedule automatically generated reminder e-mails to field users who have not completed requested actions.


Embedded delegation and approval of submissions

Ventiv IRM features two powerful capabilities designed to accelerate the renewal-management process: embedded delegation and approval of submissions.

Oftentimes, a risk manager may know the main contact at a location or business unit, but not the employee with the direct knowledge necessary to complete certain sections of a submission. With the delegation tool, a field user can forward a question or questions to another employee. The original contact can add a new user quickly, without administrator involvement, if the new user’s email address is in an approved organizational domain.

Ventiv Digital can also include an approval process before a submission is submitted. The administrator or other approver can be notified by email when there is a task to be approved. When a submission is rejected, the submitter can be notified by email along with a reason for the rejection.


Powerful, simplified reporting and dashboard capabilities

Consolidating the data collected and tracking the status of the process is often a challenge during the renewal process. Ventiv IRM provides reporting dashboards that display status updates of questionnaire submissions with the values declared. Dashboards also indicate any questionnaires not submitted and the status, whether in progress or yet to be started.

Ventiv Digital can automatically email stakeholders with reminders based on business rules. Reminders can be sent to only those users who haven’t fully completed the questionnaire, or to those who have not yet started.

Administrators can view data entered by field users even before it is submitted. This helps in assisting field users if they have any questions, plus allowing for manual validation of data prior to submission. Administrators have visibility into all data, including comments which are added to justify or explain a variance in values.

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