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Safety and Risk Control

Streamline processes to reduce pre-loss exposure

Lower risk-transfer costs

Linking corrective and preventive actions to loss experience to create a substantial impact on risk-transfer costs.

Capture and use data

Capture data you want and are obligated to collect to identify leading and lagging indicators, areas for improvement.

Promote accountability

Track corrective actions and drive accountability by assigning responsibility for those actions, including review and approval.

When it comes to safety management, it can be a challenge for risk and safety managers to identify risks, enforce compliance and best practices across the organization, and evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation efforts and training initiatives. 

Integrated safety tools empower you to manage your safety program within Ventiv. By consolidating your organization’s pre- and post-loss databases, you can make definitive links between your loss experience and preventive actions like safety meetings, surveys and audits.

Policy Loss Ratio

Impact your premiums and terms

Risk managers, safety managers, brokers and actuaries know that loss experience is a key determinant of premiums and terms of coverage. By definitively linking corrective and preventive actions to loss experience in Ventiv, you can have a substantial impact on your risk-transfer costs.

Learn from your safety data

Ventiv positions you to capture the data that you are interested in as well as data that you are obligated to capture for insurance programs, statutory and compliance reporting. Ventiv positions your organization to:

  • Extract the key learnings from your data;
  • Communicate with the right people in a timely manner to act on shared information;
  • Focus your efforts on key priorities;
  • Confirm that needed tasks/assignments are being completed, or escalated; and assess your progress over time.
Safety Dashboard

Assign and track corrective actions

Corrective actions can be created in multiple ways:

  • Added directly
  • Generated automatically from:
    • Root cause analysis
    • Audits/self-assessment
    • Assignment from safety meetings
    • Near miss/safety observation

For example:
An investigation is completed for an employee injured when something strikes his eye while working. The question on the investigation form asks if the employee was wearing safety glasses. The approved response is “Yes.” If the answer given is “No,” a corrective action is created based on the criteria the client defines.


Overwhelmed with “to do’s”? Worried that others are not keeping up on theirs? No visibility into whether the most important items are being addressed? Create, assign and track your safety-related action items.


Concerned that field offices aren’t meeting regularly to discuss safety? Not sure if the right topics are being discussed, or if follow-up activity is being completed? Record and track this important safety information and tie it directly to the location and people responsible for safety.


Is further insight needed on your near miss, incident/accident events? Use the investigation/root cause analysis feature in Ventiv to determine what’s driving this activity and assign action items to address the problem(s).


Do you have confidence that your organization is correctly and consistently recording OSHA recordable information? Can you report at both a local and corporate level on this data if required? By using Ventiv’s OSHA incident intake and reporting capabilities you can facilitate the capture of needed data, monitor its’ quality and report on an a local or overall basis. Reports can be generated on an as needed or scheduled basis.


How do you consistently gather needed information related to risk & safety from a far flung organization that may or may not be tied into your risk management information system? Ventiv’s Flexible Forms technology allows you to use our standard forms, or have specific forms designed for you that are geared toward your audience(s). Capture the data that you need for incidents, audits or surveys and have that data immediately available for reporting and analysis. You can also drive notifications and follow-up activity from the completion of a form.



"Ventiv has enabled us to change the way we work, and gives us a competitive advantage by significantly improving customer and staff safety and reducing the number of accidents at our stores.” Read More >

Neil Almond

Systems and Data Manager in the Insurable Risk Team



"Hyatt has an established culture of safety. Hotels have fully embraced Ventiv, because they can now proactively manage the financials related to certain types of claims.” Read More >


Director of Risk Management


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