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Proactive Property-Loss Prevention

Saint-Gobain makes the grade with help from Ventiv risk management software.


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Ventiv Policy

Automate labor-intensive underwriting processes, streamline access to data and deliver timely information to executives, underwriters, and agents.

Policy Administration System

An end-to-end policy administration system

Providing an intuitive end-to-end policy administration platform, Ventiv Policy supports specialty insurance lines and has over 200 lines of coverage currently in production. Ventiv Policy’s full set of features include loss control, flexible rating, personalized design, policy workflow, diaries, contact management, certificate issuance, reporting and analytics. Ventiv Policy also features a fully configurable web member/agent portal.


Changing The Rules

Changing the rules for modern policy administration systems

Ventiv Policy automates labor-intensive underwriting processes, streamlines access to information and delivers information to executives, underwriters, and agents.

Ventiv Policy tracks all lines of business for all states and automates processing functions that include rating and allocation, certificates, quoting, invoicing, reporting, renewals, endorsements and more. And its user interface provides intuitive flexibility and easy access to data and tools.

Policy Managers have complete control over the life cycle of their book-of-business from Policy Administration to Member Services, through to Loss Mitigation, Risk Assessment, and future Pricing Models. The comprehensive Analytics suite includes preconfigured dashboards, KPIs, with the option to create expanded ad-hoc BI Reports.

Technologically Advanced

The market’s most technologically advanced, mobile-ready solution

With Ventiv Policy, achieve high-value outcomes and meet new standards for performance. The system streamlines access to information to reduce overall cost and improve service to agents and insureds.

Clients have realized operational savings of up to 75 percent to produce policies and certificates. Improved staff efficiencies using Ventiv Policy can save companies 20 percent or more in related overhead costs, including policy costs. Need to access site visits and recommendations on the go? Ventiv Policy is mobile-ready for access by smartphones and tablets—in real time.

Supporting client-specific, configurable workflows

Ventiv Policy supports workflows that streamline the complete policy administration process and automate labor-intensive underwriting processes. Configurable to each organizations’ unique needs, it provides quote generation, new policy issuance, changes to existing policies and eliminates manual data entry and duplication of efforts to reduce overall costs and improve service to agents and members.

From a policy administrative perspective, a workflow that took hours, days, or even weeks can now be accomplished in a fraction of the time, without sacrificing underwriting reliability or security. Quoting, invoicing, and binding all are displayed on the same workflow, easy-access to communications logs of outgoing emails as well as accurate logging of incoming touchpoints are all just a click away.

Policy Portal

The Ventiv Policy portal improves access for insureds

Do your insureds want more access to policy information and reporting? With the Ventiv Policy Member/Agent portal, policy processing is real time, easy and secure, offering a self-service platform via the web 24/7/365. Member service reps and underwriters benefit from fully configurable underwriting questionnaires, automated processing and data integrity.

The Ventiv Policy Member/Agent portal features:

  • New business, renewal and endorsement quotes and proposals
  • Manage all Member and Agent Contact info
  • Easy navigation through all underwriting information
  • Manage and upload documents, including exposures
  • Access to reports—Produce Schedules and Certificates
  • Customizable proposal questionnaires
  • User inbox to view pending tasks
  • Proposal and Policy activity history reporting
Policy Webcast


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This on-demand webcast covers Insured/Agent Portals and the high value they bring to policyholders and insurers alike.

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