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Automated Claims Processing with Touchless Claims

The Future of Automating Insurance Claims Processing

Have you automated your claims processes?

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The claims ecosystem will continue to evolve. But one thing is certain: now is the perfect time for insurance carriers to reimagine the claims journey by implementing a "touchless claims" process. By leveraging today’s advanced technologies for automated claims processing, insurers can effectively transform their claims operation to become a dynamic, efficient, and cost-effective machine. One that is designed to improve the customer experience and help insurers better position themselves against the competition.

  • Digitize the Claims Journey. Touchless claims provide an approach that reduces manually driven tasks, eliminates unnecessary human intervention, and provides the quick and simple service customers are seeking.
  • Utilize Predictive Analytics and AI. Segment claims by complexity and severity -- leveraging the company’s business rules and augmenting them with machine learning tools that consider all relevant historical claims data, as well as recent claims experience with regular updates.
  • Optimize for Claims Prevention. With newer AI and analytical capabilities, insurers no longer have to wait for an incident to occur. New technologies like telematics and connected devices -- can alert claimants to potential risks before a loss occurs.

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