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So What Makes Us Different?

Ventiv Technology is driven to create long-term value for our clients through inspired thinking and commitment to success.


Privately managed cloud with the highest level of security.


Strong financial backing with a focus on growth.

Product Roadmap

Delivering continuous innovation for client impact.


Highly experienced in working with clients globally across all industries.

Ventiv is the largest independent risk, safety, and insurance technology provider in the market with purpose-built solutions that serve the corporate and insurance markets.

Our solutions serve some of the most innovative and complex companies and empower them to reduce costs, streamline processes and improve overall performance.


Data Security

Security is a big concern for organizations looking to adopt the cloud. At Ventiv, we’ve built and continually update rigorous safeguards into every product and process. Our proven approach ensures the highest security and integrity of customer data, and protects against security threats or data breaches. 

Ventiv's cloud only hosts risk technology solutions for our clients and does not host other unrelated applications. Most of our clients’ data represent HIPAA data that should be protected accordingly. The Ventiv cloud is HIPAA compliant as it relates to security, data, and privacy.

Ventiv maintains the following certifications:

  • ISO 27001:2013
  • SOC 1 Type ii
  • HIPAA Security Certified-URAC

Ventiv is the only risk technology provider that has these certifications and met the required standards of these organizations to achieve the highest level of accreditation. We provide the highest level of security in our space.

Ventiv Directional Tread

Stability and growth

Ventiv is owned by Symphony Technology Group (STG) which has investments of over $2 billion dollars in technology companies. STG provides deep experience and access to some of the most successful technologists in the Silicon Valley.

STG and Ventiv are committed to building an organization that will continue to be the market leader. With the financial backing and investment strategy Ventiv is executing on, Ventiv is clearly very stable, and planning for successful growth that will provide value to the market, our clients, and colleagues for the long term.

A roadmap of continuous innovation

Ventiv’s product roadmap is focused on delivering continuous innovation that will have a significant impact on our clients. 2016 is a pivotal year for innovation. The efforts taken and improvements developed over previous years have resulted in innovation that will allow our clients to experience the next phase of technology advances within Ventiv’s capabilities.

With our newly opened Global Innovation Center in Atlanta, designing and driving our Global Development Centers in Bangalore and Delhi. We have invested in having scale, capacity, and leading edge development teams that will lead drive innovative solutions to the market faster. As we ramp up the teams globally, we are poised to deliver innovative, purpose built solutions specific for the risk and insurance markets in 2016.

Work smarter with our team’s expertise

When you partner with Ventiv, you get more than a technology solution - you benefit from our proven record of enabling more than 500 clients to succeed.

We are highly experienced in working with clients from a range of industries and geographies where our expertise delivers measurable value.

Extensive experience with thousands of projects puts Ventiv in a great position to engage in successful projects with our clients. In fact, utilizing our credentialed project management team reduces the risk for the client, as no other provider in our space can claim this deep experience with solution delivery.

Recent Awards & Accolades

BI Innovation Award Winner
CIR RM Award WINNER User Implementation
IRM Global Risk Award Solution of the Year Winner