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Analytics, Reporting, and Data Discovery

Fully embedded and integrated into RiskConsole Advance, Ventiv’s analytics, reporting, and data-discovery platform is the market’s newest, most technologically current offering. Ventiv is the only RMIS provider offering cutting-edge IBM Watson Analytics as an embedded, integrated component of our solution. When you add it up, RiskConsole Advance’s comprehensive analytics, reporting, and data-discovery empowers you to make data-driven decisions that generate optimal outcomes like reducing claim frequency and severity.

Fully integrated and embedded

The latest, most-powerful analytics and reporting capabilities are built into RiskConsole Advance. This makes for a seamless user experience; enables true real-time analytics; and ensures unsurpassed security.

True real-time analytics

Other systems depend on scheduled data-replication to make data available for analysis, discovery, and reporting. Not RiskConsole Advance: As soon as data is available in RCA, it is available for analysis, discovery, and reporting.

Self-service data discovery

Data discovery is easy and powerful: ask a question like you would any search engine; see the answer represented graphically; explore further with different visualizations and drill into the record for additional details.

Predictive & prescriptive analytics

With IBM Watson Analytics, integrated in RiskConsole Advance, use advanced techniques once reserved for data scientists. Discover patterns and correlations, then predict outcomes and make them happen.

Feel the power of Watson 

With IBM Watson Analytics integrated in RiskConsole Advance, business users like you become data scientists in your own right. 

With automated predictive analytics, you have the insights to know what will happen before it occurs. IBM Watson can help you understand, for example, the specific claim characteristics or factors that are influencing claim costs.

With prescriptive analytics, you have the foresight to make a desired outcome happen. IBM Watson can help you identify the appropriate actions to take before an adverse result occurs (for example, requiring steel-toed shoes before foot injuries occur).

IBM Watson Analytics

Achieve your optimal outcomes

The analytics, reporting, and data-discovery tools in RiskConsole Advance empower users at all levels to make data-driven decisions that generate optimal outcomes like reducing claim frequency and severity.

  • Risk Manager

    Risk managers expect risk management technology to be much more than a claims repository or system for performing loss runs; risk managers need to demonstrate exceptional value to their organizations, and the analytics, reporting, and data-discovery capabilities in RiskConsole Advance give them the tools they need to achieve heroic results.

  • Claims Manager

    Claims managers today need the kind of advanced analytics tools that allow them to display data and gain an understanding of how historical data can suggest trends for current claims. RiskConsole Advance gives claim managers the customized dashboards and advanced analytics they need to achieve their claims objectives.

  • Safety Manager

    Safety managers use the advanced analytics tools in RiskConsole Advance to improve loss-control initiatives. Core objectives like identifying risks, enforcing compliance, and embedding best practices across the organization are all enhanced by RiskConsole Advance.

Data Discovery Everywhere

How great would it be if your RMIS quickly and easily answered your most pressing questions, like “What’s driving my total paid?”

With RiskConsole Advance’s agile self-service data discovery tools, you can do just that. First, ask a question like you would any search engine; then, see the answer represented graphically; next, explore the data further with different visualizations or by drilling into the record. Check out these videos to see just how easy-to-use and powerful RCA’s data discovery is.





Animated Storytelling

When you’ve completed your data discovery, it’s time to share your insights. With RiskConsole Advance, you can package your findings in an easily consumable video format that shows recipients how you arrived at your conclusions and then points the way to impactful next steps.

In this example, a risk manager would want to share their discoveries with a safety manager in a position to act on the information. The story is clearly that a location has a low frequency yet high severity of claims. A safety manager receiving this animated storyboard would know right away to focus their attention on this location and determine how to prevent high-dollar finger injuries caused by burns.

You won’t find animated storytelling capabilities in other risk analytics systems. RiskConsole Advance provides it because Ventiv believes analytics is effective when it can have impact.

Reporting tools just as powerful as analytics

With RiskConsole Advance, you execute your reporting and analytics (including user-directed data discovery) on a single integrated, embedded platform. RCA reporting is just as powerful as our market-leading analytics and data-discovery capabilities. Other RMIS providers simply can’t offer the same reporting advantages that RCA does, including:


More efficient, less-costly data transformation

Because RCA analytics and reporting are delivered on a single platform, data is transformed only once, not multiple times.


Robust report bursting

RCA reporting tools lets report authors create a single report and then easily designate which recipients receive which reports based on selected criteria.


Recipient-friendly report distribution

Recipients get report files—not links that force them to sign in to a system in which they may not be a named user.


Powerful multiple points in time / evaluations in the same report

RCA makes it easy to make true apples-to-apples comparisons when doing year-over-year reporting.

A Complete Analytics and Reporting Solution Built for Your Needs

Big-data querying

RiskConsole Advance’s global search capabilities empower you to search every nook and cranny of your data: search every field and attachment with powerful indexing tools.

Embedded and integrated

With RiskConsole Advance, RMIS capabilities and analytics and reporting tools are integrated in a single solution. Users never leave the RMIS to access analytics and reporting.

True real-time

Our systems are integrated, so data entered into RCA is immediately available for analysis, discovery, and reporting. Competing solutions must go through a data-replication process.

Highest security

As an integrated solution, single sign-on user authentication is robust and secure. Plus, our analytics platform adheres to RCA’s industry-leading security standards and processes.

Enhanced convenience

Users move from RCA’s “traditional,” workflow-oriented capabilities into analytics and reporting and back again without ever knowing they’re using an embedded analytics tool.

Open data architecture

Easily create unlimited tables and fields by extending data relationships beyond standard claims, policy, and location domains. Other systems have fixed domain models that are difficult to extend.

Powerful reporting

The RCA platform is a powerful tool for standard, enterprise, and ad hoc reporting. Other RMIS providers utilize analytics-focused tools that just don’t handle reporting as well.

User focus

Self-service data discovery is intuitive, powerful and functional. Users query the data as easily as using a search engine, then view the results in virtually limitless graphical formats.

Data transformation

Unlike other solutions, in RCA, data is transformed once and made available for analytics, data discovery, and reporting. Disparate systems require multiple transformations.



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