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cost allocation and calculation risk management software

Cost Allocation and Calculation

Automate your processes and drive improvement of risk management across your business

Make clear allocations to business units

With an objective and transparent cost allocation model based on sound distribution, you’ll get fewer queries about your invoices or chargebacks.

Automate your allocations while improving accuracy and compliance

Eliminate errors in your allocations. Ensure compliance with statutory and audit regulations. Save time and effort while making continuous improvements.

Drive improvement of risk management across your business

Promote best practices in risk management, loss control, and safety programs with incentives.

Justify your allocations to business units

Justify invoice amounts allocated to each business unit. For property lines, provide the sums insured, audit scores, and rates. For liability and casualty lines, provide the business unit’s claim history, loss prevention measures, turnover, number of employees, and other factors.

Streamline and formalize your cost allocations and calculations

Now you can easily run your allocations with the click of a button. 

  • Maintain the previous year's settings and results. 
  • No lengthy consolidation of data from spreadsheets and other sources. 
  • Incorporate any changes with a simple data import and update. 
  • Ensure compliance and prepare for audits with clear documentation of the basis for allocations. 

Incentivize proactive loss mitigation

With costs calculated and allocated, you can report the year-on-year variances by region, by business unit, and by line of coverage. This insight will encourage good risk management practices and penalize poor management of risk. 


Premium Allocation

With Ventiv’s Premium Allocation module, you can:

  • Utilise your renewal data for the base allocation
  • Define minimum and maximum premiums
  • Apply weightings, such as for claims and risk management
  • Allocate taxes accurately
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