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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Solutions for Risk & Insurance

Gather comprehensive, accurate data directly from the field with any device

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"We believe that our investment is worthwhile. We could not achieve the same results without an excessive amount of manual effort and time."

Giles Shepherd, Insurance Manager, Imperial Brands

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Data intake solutions for risk, claims, and insurance professionals

Collect data from the field with intuitive surveys

Guide users through a survey-style interface that’s easy to understand and use. Users can upload photos, videos, and audio files, and pin locations to a map—even give their signature on the native iOS and Android apps for mobile devices.

Improve data intake for:

  • Incident notification
  • Claim notification
  • Safety inspections
  • Property surveys
  • Exposure-value collection
  • Audits & assessments
  • Certificate requests
mobile data intake software for risk, claims, and insurance

Gather accurate, comprehensive data 

Empower risk, insurance, and claims managers to respond to events more quickly and with complete information.

Increase the value of data collected in the field. Ensure accuracy with mandatory questions and variance thresholds. With dynamic branching logic, you can get the right information every time. Question sets change based on the user’s previous responses.

For tasks like property surveys, safety inspections, and exposure-value collection, it’s easy for end-users to master—no training required.

Ensure data is immediately available for action and analysis

The longer it takes to respond to an incident, the more expensive it can become. With streamlined intake from the field, data is instantly available for action and analysis. Respond to events promptly by collecting data quickly and accurately.

Set up forms easily in the solution or with Excel

Create and self-administer surveys quickly and easily. Once forms are set up, it's simple to modify them as needed. If you prefer to use Excel spreadsheets to design your surveys, you can formulate question sets in Excel and upload them for automatic configuration. Any single form you design is optimized instantly for each user's device.

mobile data intake for risk, claims, and insurance

Use a computer, smartphone, or tablet

Let your users choose how they submit information. A user providing exposure values or fulfilling certificate requests might prefer to use a computer. A user performing a loss-control inspection might prefer to use a tablet. Users can begin a survey on a mobile device and complete it on a computer, or vice versa. Information can be collected offline and will automatically synchronize when connected.

Brokers Renewal

Simplify your data intake with a user friendly mobile solution

Gather accurate data quickly with any device and shorten your response times.

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