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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Enhance efficiency, improve customer service, and elevate your competitive advantage

Enable skilled staff to perform higher-value functions

Reduce manual tasks and dedicate more time to your clients.

Gain best practices from a solution designed for risk and insurance professionals

Maximize your return on investment with a specialized RPA solution.

Integrate RPA with virtually any system

Design RPA bots, or digital workers, to automate services across systems.

Maximize your productivity and grow your business

Process increasing volumes of data with your current staff - without burdening them with more manual tasks.

Reduce your administrative burden and focus on customer service

Risk and claims professionals are being asked to handle larger and larger caseloads. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has a proven record of improving efficiency and job satisfaction, as it allows skilled staff members to focus on higher-value initiatives.

For claim organizations and risk and insurance teams, Ventiv RPA automates the tasks that require a great deal of manual, repetitive work: gathering external data, pointing and clicking, typing, double entry of information, and values checking.

Benefit from extensive domain knowledge in risk, claims, and insurance

Compared to other forms of cognitive business automation, RPA is much more cost effective and easier to deploy in targeted uses. However, deploying RPA for maximum return on investment requires a skillset specific to the industry and processes in question.

Ventiv RPA has been created specifically to meet the needs of risk and insurance professionals. With our RPA solution, you can reduce costs and turnaround time while increasing customer satisfaction.

Accelerate your workflows, no matter what systems you use

Integrate with virtually any application:

  • websites
  • email systems
  • word processors
  • PDF readers
  • spreadsheets
  • specialized systems

Create RPA bots to automate key business processes and connect different systems.

Streamline complex processes so your staff can focus on customer service

Risk and insurance teams are being asked to do more with fewer staff resources. Employees are also required to process more data in addition to their current responsibilities.

RPA can simplify these labor-intensive tasks:

  • validating insurance renewal values
  • managing certificates of insurance
  • claim assignment and coding
  • integrating claim information from different sources
  • straight-through claim processing

See how Ventiv RPA can help you

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