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35+ risk pools win and retain members with Ventiv's risk pool software

Offer niche services, provide premium stability, and ensure ongoing expansion and advantage


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risk pool software

One of the key benefits we get from Ventiv is enhanced efficiency. It’s essential that our adjusters can open a claim, and in one place, see their documents, diary, notepad, payments, approved bills, and so forth. It allows our adjusters to navigate easily through the different components of the claim and put more focus on getting an optimal outcome for the injured worker.

Lisa Mohler, Vice President of Claims and Risk Management, Indiana Public Employers' Plan

risk pool software

Save time for your team and promote a total focus on claim resolution

Accelerate workflow and improve productivity with a claims solution customized for your requirements.

Collect data from members and staff with your mobile device

Gather data accurately from the field with a mobile-intake solution designed for risk pools. No knowledge of risk or insurance terminology is required.

Integrate multiple sources of data to predict how a claim is likely to unfold

Identify claims that have the potential to “jump,” and take proactive steps to mitigate costs.

Combat inefficiency and focus on costs, outcomes, and service

Insurance claims are costly, complex transactions involving multiple parties, systems, and regulatory concerns. Our solutions can be easily configured to your best practices, have integrated compliance capabilities, and focus on productivity and automation.

  • Address regulatory issues with our fully integrated compliance program
  • Enhance performance, improve efficiency, and reduce overpayments
  • Manage multi-line claims operations, including disability, liability, auto, property, and workers’ compensation
  • Obtain and share insights easily with advanced reporting and analytics tools

Streamline data intake for risk, insurance, and claims processes

The user-friendly mobile interface allows for simple completion of surveys that can be customized for particular functions. Improve data intake for:

  • Incident notification
  • Claim notification
  • Safety inspections
  • Property surveys
  • Exposure-value collection
  • Audits and assessments
  • Certificate requests

Identify “jumper” claims early and mitigate costs with preventive action

Jumper Claims“Jumper” or “sleeper” claims account for 40% of the $60 billion paid each year for workers’ compensation benefits. Ventiv’s predictive analytics capabilities integrate multiple sources of both internal and third-party data to predict how a claim is likely to unfold. 

Save time and reduce overhead costs with improved renewal management

Timely, accurate, and comprehensive data is the foundation of successful commercial insurance renewal submissions. Our solution dramatically streamlines the renewal-management process while improving the values submitted.

Deliver up-to-date information to executives, underwriters, and agents with complete control over the full policy lifecycle. With immediate visibility of important upcoming changes to policies, you can secure the best terms and premiums in advance.

Less Time Managing Data
Operational Savings
Overhead Cost Savings
renewal management software for risk pools

Administer policies in real time, from any device

Automate essential administrative tasks with a fully integrated policy portal solution. The portal serves as an intermediary between members and agents and the underwriter. Members and agents have the capability to administer their policies for new business, renewals, and mid-year changes – in real time and from any device. It’s never been easier for pools, TPAs, and carriers to upload data, run reports, service third-party certificates of insurance, and monitor policy management processes.

Policyholder Self-Service

Member/Agent Portal

Certificate Processing

Self-Service Forms & Reports
Configurable Questionnaire
Renewal &
Endorsement Processing
risk management analytics software for risk pools

Interact with data conversationally and identify trends quickly with automated analytics

Smart data discovery, automated predictive analytics, and cognitive capabilities enable you to interact with your members’ risk, claims, or safety data conversationally. Discover trends and create dashboards to share your findings with a simple search or click.

  • Integrated third-party data provides a holistic view of the challenges you’re trying to solve.
  • Automated visualization puts data connections into a more tangible context.
  • Pattern detection highlights previously unknown claim drivers.
  • Map-based geospatial analytics adds the context of timing and location to traditional data.
  • Concise video summaries show how you arrived at your conclusions and detail the next steps.
claims management software for risk pools

Simplify your claims processes with software designed for you

Handle complex claims with an intuitive user experience designed to support the unique demands of risk pools.

  • Eliminate time-consuming processes for document management by attaching files directly to claims
  • Relieve adjusters of the need to remember rules, deadlines, contract requirements, and other details with custom business rules
  • Prevent penalties for tardiness or non-compliance with automated alerts to remind users of upcoming deadlines
  • Reduce manual processing costs and save time by automating routine tasks
  • Adapt to emerging requirements with a highly configurable system that can scale to your needs without custom programming