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Ventiv risk and insurance software for the hospitality industry

Hospitality Risk Management Software Solutions

Improve data intake and quality, establish a culture of risk management, and devote more time to customer service

hospitality risk management, hotel risk management

Marriott has very high standards. We hold ourselves to very high standards, and we hold our partners to very high standards as well. Ventiv has consistently developed with us over the years as we've evolved from a claims perspective. We are constantly responding to - and even proactively anticipating - the company's direction. We focus on being ready and able to fulfill Marriott's needs from a claims perspective. That's what we ask of our vendors and our partners, and Ventiv has delivered. 

Steve Perroots, Senior Director, Marriott

hospitality risk management, hotel risk management

Centralize claim reporting, safety audits, and more with mobile intake

Easily gather the information you need with intuitive surveys.

Enable skilled staff to perform higher-value functions

Automate manual tasks and focus on customer service.

Reduce the time and effort required to gather and manage renewal data

Process increasing volumes of data while improving data quality.

Establish a risk-aware culture and factor risk planning into business decisions

Understand risk at a strategic level and implement risk policies throughout your organization.

Collect data from the field promptly and accurately with surveys designed for your business

The hospitality industry has a critical need for comprehensive, accurate data intake. Now you can gather data efficiently from the field by completing simple surveys. No knowledge of risk or insurance terminology is required.

Users can upload photos, videos, and audio files, pin locations to a map, and even give their signature on the native iOS and Android apps.

Improve data intake for:

  • Incident notification
  • Claim notification
  • Safety inspections
  • Audits and assessments
  • Site surveys
mobile data intake and incident reporting for the hospitality industry

Reduce your administrative burden with Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

For many large hotel groups, administering certificates of insurance for owned and managed hotels can require several full-time equivalents. For businesses that self-administer claims, the administrative costs of handling the typical low-dollar claim can be more than the claim itself.

With RPA, you can automate the tasks that require a great deal of manual, repetitive work: gathering external data, pointing and clicking, typing, double entry of information, and values checking.

RPA has been proven to improve efficiency and job satisfaction, as it enables staff members to focus on higher-value functions.

Simplify the collection of exposure values and improve submissions

Businesses in the hospitality sector have a complex array of exposure values to collect and submit for coverage.

In today’s steadily hardening market for commercial property insurance, better submissions can mitigate the rising costs of premiums and improve terms of coverage.

Now you can substantially reduce the time and effort your team devotes to gathering and managing renewal data. Improve data quality and your ability to process increasing volumes of data.

Transform your approach to risk management throughout your enterprise

The hospitality sector is unique in facing a wide range of internal risks, like food safety and cybersecurity, along with external risks, like natural disasters and infectious diseases.

For an industry in which customer trust and loyalty are critical, it’s essential for companies to understand risk at a strategic level and implement risk policies across the organization.

With a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy, risk leaders can facilitate the distribution of risk management to more key stakeholders while providing enhanced control and oversight.

cost savings in incident reporting

Streamline your incident reporting and deliver a dramatic ROI

With so many locations for hospitality organizations to cover, improving data intake can generate a strong return on investment. Streamline your approach to incident and claim notification, safety inspections, audits and assessments, site surveys, and more.

Gain actionable insights from your data by discovering hidden patterns and relationships

Imagine viewing all claims from a designated period visually, on detailed maps of your company’s hotels, cruise ships, or casinos. Or plotting property, assets, and aggregate value relative to impending weather events, civil unrest, political uncertainty, or outbreaks of illness. Viewing data graphically, based on time and place, makes complex patterns and relationships easier to see and act upon.

predictive geospatial analytics for the hospitality industry

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