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Medical Professional Liability

Medical Professional Liability

Reduce time spent on renewals, automate rating and allotment, and manage all lines of business for all states

Improve access for insureds

Meet and exceed the expectations of today's insureds.

Enhance operational efficiency with a single solution

Centrally manage all lines of business and integrate with third-party systems.

Improve your productivity and customer service

Simplify time-consuming tasks and improve service to insureds. 

Insureds expect access to comprehensive policy information and reporting

Now, policy processing is in real time, easy to access, and secure. Service representatives and underwriters benefit from fully configurable underwriting questionnaires, automated processing, and data integrity. 

Deliver the information and service that your insureds expect: 

  • Provide new business, renewal, and endorsement quotes and proposals
  • Generate invoices, schedules, certificates, and other reporting requests
  • Coverage types of hospital and medical professional liability, and general liability for hospitals, corporations, groups, surgery centers or individual insureds
  • Manage occurrence, claims made, nose and tail policies
  • Tracking of shared or separate limits
  • Provider policy summary
  • Additional insured, locum tenens tracking
  • Agency management
  • Providers: Tracking of demographic and credential data, specialty assignment, education tracking, policy profile summary

Increase premium volume and reduce processing time

Streamline your workflows and improve outcomes in these key areas:

  • Accurately administer MPL, HPL, GL, and any other line of business
  • Track provider demographic and credential data, specialty assignment, education history, and policy summary
  • Track occurrences, claims made, nose and tail policies, shared or separate limits, and risk management courses
  • Configurable underwriting, questions, rating, and rate packages
  • Policy quoting, renewal, and endorsement processing
  • Endorsements: allocation and endorsement schedules
  • Invoicing and agency management
  • Declarations, certificates, and loss ratios
  • Efficient content management including diary management, communication, process automation, and workflow tools
  • Seamless integration with other in-house and third-party systems
  • Secure, self-service portal with real-time policy transactions

Uphold your quality standards while maintaining quick response times for insureds

For many insurers experiencing a significant rise in volume, legacy systems aren’t up to the task of maintaining the quality standards the insurer expects while also providing exceptional customer service.

  • Improve productivity for skilled staff by as much as 20 percent
  • Dramatically reduce the time needed to issue a policy, often to under 30 days
  • Deliver complete visibility to executive teams with real-time analytics and reporting
  • Sustain strong growth while increasing insured satisfaction
increase in productivity

Improve productivity for skilled staff by as much as 20 percent

Automate time-consuming tasks and enable your staff to focus on providing more value to insureds.

Medical Professional Liability software solution

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