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IRM Xpress: THE Alternative to doing Risk Management on Spreadsheets


Take control of your insurance and risk data by ditching the spreadsheets for a fully functional and secure Risk Management Information System (RMIS).

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Who is using Ventiv

  • Seal County of Los Angeles
  • Indiana Public Employers Plan
  • Tribal First
  • Cox Enterprises
  • The Mosaic Company
  • Nestlé
  • Seal-State-of-Georgia-sm
  • Takeda
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Henkel
  • Stagecoach
  • Travelopia
  • Textron
  • Uniting Church in Australia
  • Logo-Imperial-Brands-sm
  • Decathalon
  • Schlumberger
  • HPIC
  • K&S Freighters
  • Marriott

What they are saying about Ventiv


Risk grading is so important to Saint-Gobain. It’s really at the center of our risk-prevention policy, and since we’ve deployed the Ventiv solution, we’ve seen very strong growth in the program.


Meaningful analytics is at the center of what we do, and the analytics platform Ventiv offers has been a natural fit for us. Ventiv excels at data management and flexibility, which are also top priorities.

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Our working relationship was, and still is, excellent, which is very important to us; we know Ventiv understands how we are using their tools and what we expect them to deliver



Proactively manage risk identification & mitigation

IRM Xpress removes the need to execute a company's risk and insurance management manually in spreadsheets. Using a Risk Management Solution such as IRM Express greatly reduces a risk manager's time on data entry, the chance for costly errors, administration and risk identification, while freeing them up to focus more on risk mitigation. All while, analytics insights help identify trends and address issues proactively. Managers can then concentrate on designing and executing loss control and other appropriate initiatives to improve outcomes.

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A risk management information system designed to get you away from doing risk management manually on spreadsheets

Incident & Claims Management

Whether you self-administer claims or rely on a third-party claims administrator, IRM Xpress allows you to be in control of your claim situation with one consolidated central repository. With a solution that supports a wide range of claim types and user-defined coverages, you can better manage your full claim portfolio.

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Exposure Values

Gather and maintain your exposure values to better understand your loss experience and for use in your renewal negotiations.

Exposure Property Management

The optional Property Module is a flexible property management system capturing Construction, Occupancy, Protection and Exposure (COPE) information and providing visibility into what you own, lease or operate.

Policy & Program Management

A holistic approach to managing policies and insurance programs. With the increasing globalization of organizations, managing your insurance requirements has become more complicated. Ensuring adequate cover is in place globally whilst remaining compliant with local territory regulations is complex enough without also having to monitor erosion of policy limits.

Reporting & Analytics

Obtain comprehensive views of your Claim, Policy and Premium situation with configurable Dashboards. Provide clear communications to management. Create new reports or use the time-saving templates. Dig deeper to see potential problems using Advance Query, and Global and Map Search. 

Document & Workflow Management

Reduce the time spent on administrative tasks such as report generation and managing security and organization hierarchy. Improve and automate workflows. Manage content, attachments and uploads efficiently.

Data Migration & Support

Take advantage of Ventiv’s experienced staff to ensure accuracy and speed in migrating data – whether from spreadsheets or an existing system. Streamline monthly uploads as well as ad-hoc spreadsheet imports and updates. Make the most of the system with 10 hours of online training and an annual 30 managed service hours.


Ditch Spreadsheet Risk Management with Ventiv

With IRM Xpress, you are able to have a 360° of your risk profile by removing silos of information into one centralized platform. All aspects of your business are then brought into focus through dashboards and coupled with our robust reporting capabilities making it easier than ever to find hidden trends and mitigate risk more effectively.

Ditching your old spreadsheets and moving to one centralized location gives your risk and claims managers a more consolidated claims picture with improved data integrity.

Ultimately giving your team a clearer picture into your organization's risk and claims environment to be able to easily pivot when insights you wouldn't otherwise notice come into view.


Move beyond business intelligence with advanced risk analytics

Gain a deeper understanding of risks, predict outcomes, and take preventive action to optimise your business performance.

As Seen on G2 & TrustRadius


"I love the reporting and the integration opportunities from Ventiv's custom forms. We were using a legacy system that required a lot of manual data entry from our adjusters. Still, Ventiv was able to build some custom forms for us that automatically populates system fields. We're averaging at least two hours less time spent per initial claim. It has changed the way we operate. We are much more efficient."

Richard C.
Business Analyst, Southwest Gas Corporation


"Ventiv IRM is a game-changer for us. It allows us to identify our loss trends, review our financial data, and provides the detail we need to make actionable steps for loss prevention."

Greg D.
Sr. Director, Coca Cola


"Ventiv IRM has excellent data visualization tools that allow clients to see and analyze their claim metrics via standard or custom dashboards. It also provides reporting tools for clients to export their data and visualizations."

Chad T.
IT Manager, CBCS, Inc.


"I love how Ventiv is constantly working to keep up with improving technology. They have demonstrated over the years that they are our partners and strive to help us and needs change."

Jessica S.
Assistant Risk Manager


"What I like most about Ventiv IRM is its user-friendly interface, customizable forms and reporting, as well as the efficiency it brings to our processes. I also appreciate the responsiveness of the Ventiv team and their commitment to keep up with emerging technologies. Overall, the Ventiv IRM is an excellent tool for centralizing data and providing a comprehensive view of risks."

Luis Vicente
Big Data & Data Science Director, Xpend IT

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