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Client Engagement Portal for Brokers

Improve client engagement and gain a competitive edge with a self-service portal. Harness the power of digitization to become a full risk and service partner.

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How far are you on your digitization journey?

How far are you on your digitization journey?

Do you want to provide more value to your clients?

Do you want to provide more value to your clients?

Are you looking for new ways to attract and retain clients?

Are you looking for new ways to attract and retain clients?

How are you differentiating your company from your competition?

How are you differentiating your company from your competition?

With a self-service client portal, brokers can transform the role of insurance provider and become a full risk advisor to corporate clients. A modern system of engagement creates a new client experience and enables the use of business analytics for new insights and innovative pre-claim services.


Meaningful analytics is at the center of what we do, and the platform Ventiv offers has been a natural fit for us. Ventiv excels at data management and flexibility, which are also top priorities.

Chris Knight, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants


No matter where you are on your digitization journey, Ventiv can partner with you and support your evolving business needs. You can begin with a simple portal and progress to offering more advanced functionality.


Manage risk data in a centralized system.

From in-house loss control and policy data to external claim data from carriers, you can manage your risk data in a single system. Track client property data for all locations, including information for inspections and COPE details. Stay instantly in sync with key incident, claim, and policy data.

Enhance efficiency for your clients and staff.

With a self-service portal, you can enhance efficiency for your clients and staff and focus on higher-value initiatives. Clients have the ability to pull policy documents, download records, view dashboards, and run reports. Your clients can actively participate in processes for FNOL and renewal data gathering, resulting in better engagement and outcomes. With self-service capabilities, you can provide cost-effective, improved client service and faster responsiveness.

Support and strengthen your relationships with customised user experiences.

Improve engagement with existing clients and capture the attention of prospects with customised portal pages, dashboards, and analytics. Users can easily navigate the platform and find exactly what they need without any training. The branding details take the experience to the next level and create an intuitive system that your clients will use consistently.

Be a trusted risk advisor and provide your clients with data-driven insights.

Make the transformation from insurance placement to risk consulting with insights that benefit your clients and differentiate you from your competition. Achieve clear visibility on coverage, policies, and claims, and communicate findings effectively to clients. With advanced analytics, you can gain a deeper understanding of risks and advise your clients objectively.

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Create a competitive advantage, provide actionable insights, and better manage risk and capital.

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With 500+ global customers and counting, Ventiv is one of the premier leaders in the risk management, insurance claims and advanced analytics space. Helping some of the biggest brands on the planet with products like our industry leading broker solutions.

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