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data analytics software solutions for TPAs

30+ TPAs win and retain clients with Ventiv's TPA Claims Management Software

Support automation, operational efficiency, and a superior customer experience


The TPA Playbook

Our ebook provides insights on how you can use technology powered by AI to attract and retain clients.

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For nearly two decades, JWF Specialty has partnered with Ventiv to provide state-of-the-art solutions to manage claims for our clients. From the smallest workers’ compensation claim to the most complex police liability civil rights claim, JWF has relied on Ventiv to efficiently track and administer reserves and record claim information.

Thomas Dickman, CPCU, JWF Specialty Company

Our adjusters and clients appreciate the ease of navigating the many functional areas of the system along with the robust reporting capabilities. JWF is looking forward to what we, along with Ventiv, can deliver to our clients over the next twenty years!

Thomas Dickman, CPCU, JWF Specialty Company

tpa claims processing, tpa claims management software

Combat inefficiency and focus on costs, outcomes, and service

Accelerate workflow and improve productivity with a claims solution customized for your business.

Empower field adjusting and investigations with mobile technology

Gather data from the field with mobile tools designed for claims and loss professionals.

Enhance your client experience with AI-powered analytics

Provide prompt, unbiased information to your clients.

Don’t get bogged down with activities that aren’t focused on claim outcomes

Our solutions can be easily configured to your best practices, have integrated compliance capabilities, and focus on productivity and automation.

  • Increase opportunities for straight-through processing with workflow automation
  • Adjusters can focus on higher-value tasks with our integrated regulatory compliance tools
  • Manage multi-line claims operations, including disability, liability, auto, property, and workers’ compensation – in a single system
  • Pinpoint areas of inefficiency in your operation for quick resolution with advanced analytics and reporting

Assess events from the field with your mobile device

Increase the value of data collected in the field. Ensure accuracy with mandatory questions and variance thresholds. Dynamic branching logic ensures you get the right information. Question sets change based on the user’s previous responses.

Field users have the ability to:

  • Take pictures
  • Upload documents
  • Create sketches electronically
  • Capture electronic signatures

No training is necessary for users to master tasks like incident reporting, accident investigations, site assessments, and more. Users can manage field work quickly and accurately with mobile capabilities and offline access.

Offer your clients valuable insights with advanced analytics

Discover trends and predict outcomes quickly and efficiently with:

  • Instant data visualizations
  • Automated predictive analytics
  • Prescriptive analytics
  • Pattern detection powered by an AI assistant
AI predictive analytics software for TPAs
predictive and geospatial analytics software solutions for TPAs

Interact with data conversationally and identify trends quickly with automated analytics

Smart data discovery, automated predictive analytics, and cognitive capabilities enable you or your clients to interact with risk, claims, or safety data conversationally. Discover trends and create dashboards to share your findings with a simple search or click.

  • Integrated third-party data provides a holistic view of the challenges you’re trying to solve
  • Automated visualization puts data connections into a more tangible context
  • Pattern detection highlights previously unknown claim drivers
  • Map-based geospatial analytics adds the context of timing and location to traditional data
  • Concise video summaries show how you arrived at your conclusions and detail the next steps

Simplify your claims processes with software designed for you

Handle complex claims with an intuitive user experience designed to support the unique demands of third-party administrators.

  • Eliminate time-consuming processes for document management by attaching files directly to claims
  • Relieve adjusters of the need to remember rules, deadlines, contract requirements, and other details with custom business rules
  • Prevent penalties for tardiness or non-compliance with automated alerts to remind users of upcoming deadlines
  • Reduce manual processing costs and save time by automating routine tasks or performing straight-through processing for low-touch claims
  • Adapt to emerging requirements with a highly configurable system that can scale to your needs without custom programming
claims software solutions for TPAs