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Self-Insured Risk Management Software

For self-insured organizations, success is measured primarily by how much is paid out in claims. Whether your self-insured organization administers its claims or delegates them to a third-party administrator, active claim prevention and management is critical to successful program outcomes. Ventiv offers the most modern, capable technology solutions to support your organizational goals—and the experience to deploy them successfully.

Capture Self Insured

Intake Solutions

Essential for organizations collecting data from end-users in the field

Ventiv Digital, our groundbreaking data-intake tool, is a must-have for any organization that collects data from the field. In addition to claim and incident intake, Ventiv Digital is essential for loss-prevention activities like site surveys and safety inspections. Easy to administer and easy to use, Ventiv Digital integrates seamlessly with Ventiv IRM and Ventiv Claims.

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Core Admin

Core Administration

Ventiv Claims, the examiner-preferred system for self-administered entities

As claim costs and expenses escalate, self-administered entities need a core administration system that promotes an efficient and sustainable claim system. Ventiv Claims automates processes, improves productivity and consistency, and delivers the efficiency gains claim organizations need.

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Analytics Self Insured

Advanced Analytics

Understand claim trends with Ventiv IRM's advanced analytics

Few self-insureds manage every aspect of claim adjudication. More and more, TPAs and other vendors (such as case management and bill review) take on claim-management roles. This can have the effect of distancing self-insureds from claim data and overall claim trends. Ventiv IRM features market-best advanced analytics, putting you back in charge of claim analysis and reporting.

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Digital Workforce

Digital Workforce

Ventiv's robotic process automation solutions deliver flexible, cost-effective automation

Ventiv RPA enhances operational efficiency, improves customer service, and shores up an organization’s competitive position. For self-insureds, Ventiv RPA automates the kinds of tasks that require a great deal of manual, repetitive work: gathering external data; pointing-and-clicking; typing; double entry of information; values checking; and the like.

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