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Ventiv is the top insurance broker software to win and retain clients

Create a competitive advantage, provide actionable insights, and better manage risk and capital

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Improve client engagement and gain a competitive edge with a self-service portal. Harness the power of digitisation to become a full risk and service partner.

Check out our infographic for 6 Solutions to Common Issues for Insurance Brokers.

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insurance broker software, insurance broker software solutions

Meaningful analytics is at the center of what we do, and the platform Ventiv offers has been a natural fit for us. Ventiv excels at data management and flexibility, which are also top priorities.

Chris Knight, EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

insurance broker software, insurance broker software solutions

Find clear answers and advise your clients with confidence

Identify data trends with a simple search or click. 

Visualize patterns with maps in real time

Create maps to highlight patterns that are often hidden in spreadsheets. 

Integrate multiple sources of data to predict how a claim is likely to unfold

Identify claims that have the potential to “jump,” and take proactive steps to mitigate costs.

Quickly discover and share insights from complex data

With smart data discovery, automated predictive analytics, and cognitive capabilities, you can interact with your clients’ risk, claims, or safety data conversationally - just like typing a question into Google or asking Siri. 

  • Integrated third-party data provides a holistic view of the business challenges you’re trying to solve
  • Automated visualization puts data connections into a more tangible context
  • Pattern detection highlights previously unknown claim drivers
  • Concise video summaries show how you arrived at your conclusions and detail the next steps


insurance broker software, insurance broker software solutions

Add the context of location and timing to traditional data with geospatial analytics

Geospatial analytics broadens general awareness by providing historical perspective and predictive insight. By adding the context of location and timing to traditional data, you can create maps to highlight trends and patterns that are often hidden in spreadsheets such as proximity, distance, affiliation, and contiguity.

When events and trends are seen within the context of recognizable maps, they’re easier to understand—and act upon.

geospatial analytics software for insurance brokers

Identify “jumper” claims early and mitigate costs with preventive action

identify jumper claims early with predictive analytics software designed for insurance brokers

“Jumper” or “sleeper” claims account for 40% of the $60 billion paid each year for workers’ compensation benefits. Ventiv’s predictive analytics capabilities integrate multiple sources of both internal and third-party data to predict how a claim is likely to unfold.

Less Time

Devote more of your time to negotiating the best terms

Spend 60% less time gathering and managing renewal data and focus on getting the best terms and premiums in the hardening market. Simplify the renewal process while improving the values submitted.

insurance broker software, insurance broker software solutions

Reduce risks and hazards with a proactive approach

Improve your loss control programs with a central repository of risk engineering survey results. Manage the progress of recommendations, track temporary impairments, and establish a more proactive approach to property management by reducing risks and other hazards.





Insurance broker using software to manage policies and reporting

Gain insight from technology designed for you

Determine market risk more effectively with a data-processing toolset designed for your business. Gain immediate insight from data presented with proper layouts and integrity standards for insurers and insureds.

  • Consolidate unbundled claim data from TPAs and carriers into a single standard layout that is loaded into your internal databases.
  • Create detailed queries and schedule business intelligence reports, including cross-client or individual client benchmarking.
  • Distribute standard or customized reports on an automated, scheduled basis in several varied formats.