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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) SaaS

Using Ventiv's ERM Software-as-a-Service solution, harness the hidden insights in your risk data to predict outcomes and drive transformation

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Expand risk management into the enterprise

Assess your risks and establish an action plan to drive best practices.

Maximize value from your ERM process

Make better risk-based decisions with an ERM SaaS that includes real-time reporting and analytics.

Streamline your ERM and insurance processes

Use a single SaaS for ERM, safety, audit, and insurance activities.

Adjust your risk scoring system based on your needs

Locate emerging risks specific to your company.

Gain total control and insight for your enterprise

An enterprise risk management SaaS to Integrate your ERM strategy with your current management processes.

  • Establish an action plan to accept, transfer, treat, or eliminate the identified risks
  • Allow the risks and controls to be identified and assessed
  • Automate your workflows and support dynamic aggregation and consolidation
  • Support control tests and reviews as part of your compliance activities
  • Monitor and report on the risk landscape (including KRIs) and progress on actions
  • Embed risk management and drive best practices

Help your ERM framework become more than just a compliance exercise

With a successful enterprise risk management software as a service, key stakeholders can better understand critical risks and the potential impact of those risks on financial performance and operational health.

Promote a culture of risk-based decision-making with advanced reporting and analytics. By analyzing top and emerging risks, you're better positioned to focus on actions that improve your organization's risk landscape.

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Let insurance and ERM work together

Now your insurance and ERM activities can work together in the same enterprise risk management SaaS. Distinct activities can be handled separately or together, as appropriate:

  • Integrate incident and loss reporting, including corrective measure tracking and root cause analysis
  • Connect risk transfer controls with the actual insurance policies
  • Locate hidden insights to make data-driven decisions that mitigate risk and impact Total Cost of Risk
  • Share common operational info, including the company hierarchy
enterprise risk management saas, erm saas

Transform the way you assess risk

Classic risk assessments can fall short in highlighting key emerging risks. With Ventiv's ERM SaaS solution, now you can amend the standard scoring system to meet your needs and convey your results successfully to executives.

  • Look at pure minimum and maximum impact ranges
  • Include risk velocity
  • Utilize a completely different methodology
With total control and flexibility, the power is in your hands to make strategic decisions to benefit your organization.

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Are you ready to evolve to the next level of ERM maturity?

Are you ready to evolve to the next level of ERM maturity?

As Seen on G2 & TrustRadius


"I love the reporting and the integration opportunities from Ventiv's custom forms. We were using a legacy system that required a lot of manual data entry from our adjusters. Still, Ventiv was able to build some custom forms for us that automatically populates system fields. We're averaging at least two hours less time spent per initial claim. It has changed the way we operate. We are much more efficient."

Richard C.
Business Analyst, Southwest Gas Corporation


"Ventiv IRM is a game-changer for us. It allows us to identify our loss trends, review our financial data, and provides the detail we need to make actionable steps for loss prevention."

Greg D.
Sr. Director, Coca Cola


"Ventiv IRM has excellent data visualization tools that allow clients to see and analyze their claim metrics via standard or custom dashboards. It also provides reporting tools for clients to export their data and visualizations."

Chad T.
IT Manager, CBCS, Inc.


"I love how Ventiv is constantly working to keep up with improving technology. They have demonstrated over the years that they are our partners and strive to help us and needs change."

Jessica S.
Assistant Risk Manager


"What I like most about Ventiv IRM is its user-friendly interface, customizable forms and reporting, as well as the efficiency it brings to our processes. I also appreciate the responsiveness of the Ventiv team and their commitment to keep up with emerging technologies. Overall, the Ventiv IRM is an excellent tool for centralizing data and providing a comprehensive view of risks."

Luis Vicente
Big Data & Data Science Director, Xpend IT

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