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Risk Management System

Using Ventiv's risk management system, harness the hidden insights in your risk data to predict outcomes and drive transformation


Who is using Ventiv

  • Seal County of Los Angeles
  • Indiana Public Employers Plan
  • Tribal First
  • Cox Enterprises
  • The Mosaic Company
  • Nestlé
  • Seal-State-of-Georgia-sm
  • Takeda
  • Saint-Gobain
  • Henkel
  • Stagecoach
  • Travelopia
  • Textron
  • Uniting Church in Australia
  • Logo-Imperial-Brands-sm
  • Decathalon
  • Schlumberger
  • HPIC
  • K&S Freighters
  • Marriott

What they are saying about Ventiv


Risk grading is so important to Saint-Gobain. It’s really at the center of our risk-prevention policy, and since we’ve deployed the Ventiv solution, we’ve seen very strong growth in the program.


Meaningful analytics is at the center of what we do, and the analytics platform Ventiv offers has been a natural fit for us. Ventiv excels at data management and flexibility, which are also top priorities.

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants

Our working relationship was, and still is, excellent, which is very important to us; we know Ventiv understands how we are using their tools and what we expect them to deliver



Connect risks across silos and reduce Total Cost of Risk

Risk management systems can provide the insight you need to monitor and lower your Total Cost of Risk (TCoR). Make informed decisions with real-time analytics by integrating all of your data from internal and external sources in one system while connecting risk mitigation activities across the business.

risk management system

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Risk management system designed for your business

Incident Management

Let your managers to keep the focus on their core business. Capture all incidents, notify and escalate to management, investigate and identify root causes, and find the best corrective measures for your current budget.

Claims Management

Gain total control of your claims. Incorporate a centralized risk management system with lower reporting costs and automatic consolidation from insurers and TPAs.

Exposure & Asset Management

Get a stronger negotiating position for risk transfer with Ventiv's risk management system. Keep a detailed register of all exposures and assets, including properties, with location, usage, values, and COPE details.

Insurance Renewal Data Automation

Simplify the renewal process by automating the gathering, consolidation, and analysis of your risk and exposure info. Reduce time collecting renewal data by 70% with Ventiv's risk management system.

Risk Engineering and Property Loss Control

Prevent risks and hazards with best use of loss control budgets. Improve your safety program with a central repository of survey results, including recommendations and temporary impairments.

Cost Allocation & Calculation

Allocate premiums, retained claim costs, and other risk management costs with a very efficient, extremely transparent, and completely compliant process leveraging Ventiv's risk management system.

Policy & Program Management

Establish a complete and comprehensive approach to managing both your policies and insurance programs. Ventiv's risk management system manages complex insurance policies, including premiums, limits and conditions, loss ratios, aggregate erosion, premium flows, and insurer exposure.

Enterprise Risk Management

Manage risk across your enterprise by supporting your enterprise risk management (ERM) framework, including identification, assessments, controls, and actions. Produce maximum value with simple consolidation, aggregation, linkage, and reporting with Ventiv's risk management system.

Safety Management

Improve your EHS program by collecting all types of incidents, near misses, and observations possible. Investigate, identify root causes, and take corrective action. Focus your loss control measures, drive best practices, and ensure compliance with all local legislation (OSHA, RIDDOR).

Capitalize on the Strategic Value of Data

The right risk management system not only aggregates risk, insurance, and EH&S data but also supports your risk strategy and improves performance with effective governance and risk ownership.

As today’s risk environment changes to encompass a diverse, critical range of enterprise and large-scale risks, no risk manager can afford to be without powerful risk-focused technology.

Ventiv enhances and simplifies the evaluation, mitigation, and monitoring of risk with powerful analytics, business intelligence, and reporting capabilities.

risk management systems
risk management system

Move beyond typical BI with AI-powered advanced risk analytics

Get a greater understanding of risks, predict outcomes, and take preventive action to optimize your business performance.

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